Friday, October 17, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #5: Sugar Skulls

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Sugar Skull Makeup: Hannah Lebron, Nails: Lace & Lacquers

I'm SUPER excited to share this Friday's Blogoween post :D I collab'd with my friend, Hannah Lebron who is a makeup artist in the San Diego area! In addition to this mani I'm going to show you, check the other manis I've done for this Blogoween - here.

ALSO! Congrats to Alicia R. - You WON my Halloween Giveaway! Be sure to check your email today.

Putting this mani behind a jump, it's a little long to not have one ;] But worth the jump! I promise ;]

Sugar Skull Nail Art
Sugar Skull Nail Art
Sugar Skull Nail Art
Sugar Skull Nail Art
Sugar Skull Nail Art - index and middle
Sugar Skull Nail Art - ring and pinky
Sugar Skull Nail Art - thumb

PHEW! So there it IS! I keep getting asked how long it took - to be honest? I have no freakin' idea LOL I was watching copious YouTube videos and just GOIN' at it! For this mani I used Zoya Jacqueline as the base, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Black on Black, and China Glaze Love Letters.

I did the designs with detailing and striping brushes along with many dotting tools of various sizes! I tried to do a "theme" for each skull. Thumb: Dots, Index: Floral, Middle: Webs, Ring: Scrolls/Filigree, Pinky: Hearts. I wanted to be different but still connect. What do you think! :]

Sugar Skull makeup by Hannah Lebron
Hannah wanted to collab and do a look just in time for Halloween! So she painted my face up and made it all pretty and dead! LOL I'm in love with the design around my eyes. It was super fun :] For more details on this look, check out Hannah's post on her blog, The Dainty Bird - here!

Be sure to also check out Hannah's Facebook, Instagram, and website to see her awesome work.

Don't forget to check out the past couple looks I've done for Blogoween - here. Only 4 more days left! HOW SAD, can we have Halloween all year?

Have a great weekend!


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