Tuesday, September 10, 2019

ZOYA: Summer 2019 Barefoot Collection [Joey, Tessa, Keira, Marcy, Liza, Robbie, Dacey, Rie, Walker, Eleni, Bee, & Dallas]

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Zoya Summer 2019 Barefoot Collection
TOP: Set A - Joey, Tessa, Keira, Marcy, Liza, Robbie
BOTTOM: Set B - Dacey, Rie, Walker, Eleni, Bee, Dallas

After a long time no swatch (haha) I present to you the Zoya Barefoot Collection! After somehow losing these polishes in a random box during our move 2 months ago, I can't wait to share a little summer with y'all. I love this summer collection from Zoya because it has a good mix of polishes for everyone. Plus, after 2018's summer collection [Part I and Part II] (just wasn't for me), I'm SO happy to see a wider variety of colors this year. Check out the swatches after the jump!