Saturday, May 9, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Zoya Summer 2020 Splash Collection

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Diving into Summer 2020 is SPLASH, 
 featuring a variety of classic and fun creams – to playful and exciting micro-shimmers. 
Have fun in the sun with this cheerful collection that has a little something for every nail polish lover.


• Eclipse – a glistening silver with holographic rainbow sparkles. 
• Jodi – a pale ice-cream pink cream.
• Emma – a starfish coral cream with a touch of pink undertone.
• Leilani – a glistening pink grapefruit with gold micro-shimmer.
• Celi – a sweet cherry red with gold micro-shimmer.
• Greta – a ripe tomato red cream.
• Kristie – a deep magenta popsicle pink cream.
• Jessica – an African violet cream.
• Maren – a vibrant nautical blue cream.
• Harbor – a tropical emerald sea green cream.
• Fisher – a sun-kissed seafoam with a stunning gold micro-shimmer.
• Corinna – a naked blush with a kiss of golden sheen, delicate and fresh.

10 FREE FORMULA: formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin,
dibutyl phthalate toulene, camphor, tphp, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, and lead.


Thursday, April 23, 2020

COLOR CLUB: Neon Stained Glass Nail Art

Pin It Hope everyone is doing well, staying healthy, and slightly sane during this situation of a pandemic. I've seen a lot of cool "stained glass" painted windows and doors (like this! I don't know this blogger, but thought I'd pass the idea along in case someone hasn't seen it!).

As tempted as I am to paint my huge sliding glass patio doors, live in an apartment who would probably freak out if I painted it  even if it's temporary haha. So, I decided the second best thing would be to paint my nails (obviously). I had an idea for a ton of random colors but was gravitated to some Color Club neons in my collection.

Neon Color Club stained glass inspired nail art
Neon Color Club stained glass inspired nail art

I really like how this came out! The mix of a neutral cream polish and neon has always been visually intriguing to me. Plus a little color right now goes a long way.

I couldn't find my striping tape, I think I threw it away out of frustration, so I just used a striping brush to create the random triangular shapes. As much as I'd prefer a full mani, my nail art skills are a little rusty so 4 nails took forever (I did my right hand too haha).

The colors I used were Color Club: Barely There (neutral/nude), Foxy Mama (neon orange with gold shimmer), Not-So-Mellow Yellow (florescent yellow shimmer), Peace, Love, & Polish (hot pink with gold shimmer), and a no-name bright blue (I think it's name is Endless Summer).

Barely There took a really long time to dry for some reason, which really backfired in layering the neons over it... causing it to take forever to dry. Even with my Zoya/Qtica drying drops, I couldn't get the art to dry until the next day - WHOOPS! As much as I love this neutral, I think I'm going to have to trash it. Still enjoying this mani, even if it has some sheetmarks lmao *facepalm*

Have a great day!
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Friday, February 14, 2020

ZOYA: Spring 2020 Calm Collection [Colleen, Emerson, Leif, Vee, AJ, & Laura]

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Spring 2020 Calm Collection
→R: (TOP) Colleen, Emerson, Leif
(BOTTOM) Vee, AJ, and Laura

Spring has sprung and... everything is covered in pollen and I hate it. What I don't hate is Zoya nail polish! This year Zoya release the Calm Collection for Spring 2020. It reminds me of a combo of a neutrals collection and a spring collection rolled into one: 3 colorful, yet softer, shades and 3 neutral/nude shades. Check out all 6 polishes after the jump!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Zoya Spring 2020 Calm Collection

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Spring Treatment + Color Box Special: Included in this special set is the new collection for
Spring, the Gelie-Cure system, plus a full size Pink Perfector, Glossy Seal, and Fast Drops!
Bonus – our brand new hydrating body oil – Oylie! This box has EVERYTHING
you need for healthy skin and nails, all for only $69.95 (Value of $175+).
No code needed, click here to buy. Deal ends 1/26/20

Introducing CALM for Spring 2020, a soothing assortment of serene creams, and a beautiful shimmer that is perfect for any occasion. This collection invokes the tranquil feeling of new beginnings as we enter the next season.

•  Colleen - Zoya in Colleen can best be described as a delicate pink cream with a warm undertone.

•  Emerson - Zoya in Emerson can best be described as a modern baby blue cream.

•  Leif - Zoya in Leif can best be described as a gentle and harmonious light sage green cream.

•  Vee - Zoya in Vee can best be described as a muted French lilac cream.

•  AJ - Zoya in AJ can best be described as a subtle, sparkling blush with a gorgeous copper micro-shimmer.

•  Laura – Zoya in Laura can best be described as soft pink toned ivory cream.

10 FREE FORMULA: formulated without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin,
dibutyl phthalate toulene, camphor, tphp, parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, and lead.