Saturday, December 31, 2011

REVIEW: Revlon Expressionists [Starry Pink/Popular, Scandalous/Facets of Fuchsia, & Whimsical]

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For my first "official post" I will be reviewing 3 new polishes that Revlon has released on their Expressionists color line: 
Starry Pink/Popular, Scandalous/Facets of Fuchsia, and Whimsical.

I found all these at K-mart, with the exception of Starry Pink which I found at Target. I have also heard that the Bed Bath & Beyond stores with extended beauty sections are carrying these polishes. I don't have one in my area so I can't confirm that. The easiest way to get your hands on these beauties is to get them from Ulta (same display as above) or Ulta's website. I paid $4.99 a bottle and they're at Ulta for the same price.

I picked up 2 of Starry Pink/Popular and 2 of Whimsical, I figured I'd grab them since they were so hard to find (Although, I read on The TraceFace Philes that they were making Whimsical part of their core line! Hopefully Starry Pink makes the cut.). I only grabbed one Scandalous because it's not really a color I wear often but it was too pretty to pass up.

Let's start off with Starry Pink/Popular:

I've lusted after this polish for awhile! I knew if I couldn't have it I was going to go insane haha. It appears Revlon has renamed Starry Pink to Popular so, it is possible to find this under either name.

Here are my swatches per coat: (For those of you that don't know: I have Eczema, so please excuse when my hands are red/dry! Thanks :] )

I HAD to do a full mani of Starry Pink because it's so delicate, gorgeous and unique! I ended up doing 4 coats for good measure since it's so sheer:

Overall I found it easy to apply, if the large glitter seems sparse on the 1st coat, don't fret! It really starts to take form around the 2nd coat. I used a coat of Seche Vite, which was a life saver on drying time since I'm impatient!

Second, Whimsical:
GORGEOUS! I fell in love with this while I was browsing some blogs. This polish is known to be a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air. I don't have Glitter in the Air to compare to, since I can't fork over $18/bottle, but if you Google around a bit you can see they are very, VERY similar.

Here are my swatches:

I layered it over 1 coat of Orly's Sheer Beauty but, I don't think it made a difference. Below is the full mani. I ended up doing 6 coats to make sure it covered well. (Again, thank God for Seche Vite!) This one did take a little bit more time than Starry Pink/Popular did. It was also a little bit harder to get the larger glitter onto the nail. Also, I do like that this is a jelly polish!

I LOVE it! It's so light, airy, and feminine. I like the pink and blue hex glitters. This is just perfect! I usually am not a big fan of blue polishes, but this is more of an aqua, baby blue. I just love it so much! haha

Lastly, Scandalous/Facets of Fuchsia:

As with Starry Pink, this polish can be found under Facets of Fuchsia or Scandalous. This is also a known Deborah Lippmann dupe of Bad Romance. Again, since I'm flat ass broke I don't have a comparison haha.

Here are my swatches:

And here is the full 3 coat mani:

Scandalous/Facets of Fuchsia is a lot like Starry Pink/Popular consistency and applying wise. I like that even when you apply this polish it looks so much the polish looks in the bottle. This is a very fun polish and I LOVE the color of the glitters.

Overall I am so far fond of these new polishes. I skipped out on a few other glitters because they weren't unique to me and it seems like there are a handful of dupes for them. Nonetheless, they were pretty and I can find myself buying some other solid colors from this collection later on. I'm a big fan of Revlon's polishes and their brushes! If you don't have these polishes, I think you need to go snatch them up!

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