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COLOR CLUB: Ticket to Paradise Collection Mini Set [Frozen Daiquiri, Tiny Umbrella, Sea-ing Blue, & The Islands]

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Color Club Ticket to Paradise Collection Mini Set

Hope you're not tired of Color Club haha, I have the Ticket to Paradise Mini Kit to share with you today. In this mini kit you'll find 4 of the 7 colors in the collection. Let me show you these adorable mini Color Club bottles after the jump!

Color Club Frozen Daiquiri
Color Club Frozen Daiquiri

Frozen Daiquiri is a opaque, red - strawberry daiquiri lookin'- creme polish. Just a pretty, classic red. Nothing super impressive to me (sorry, Color Club), but it's still pretty!

I did ONE COAT of Frozen Daiquiri. I told ya it was opaque, that wasn't a lie. As much as I loved the opacity, there were some things I didn't like. It was a little on the thick side, but not difficult to work with. It had a great dry time, super quick. All that sounds okay, until I did a pedicure with this color and it was thick and drying quick at the same time = #hotmess. Maybe I'll use this when I paint my nails, y'know - less contortion involved.

Color Club Tiny Umbrella
Color Club Tiny Umbrella
Color Club Tiny Umbrella

Next up is Tiny Umbrella. This is a light peach nail color with bright orange shimmer and a crelly finish. This is a very nice shade of peach, if you're lookin' for a peach polish - give this one a shot.

I did 3 coats of Tiny Umbrella. It was quite sheer but it was easy to build up in 3 coats. It had a smooth application with no issues and a great formula. The dry time was okay, definitely not as quick as Frozen Daiquiri.

Color Club The Islands
Color Club The Islands
Color Club The Islands

Next up is The Islands. This is a sheer, soft lime green crelly with subtle green shimmer. I hated this so much. It was so freakin' sheer and the color was not true to the bottle IMHO. Ugh can we just get this over with so it can go away LOL

I did 4 coats of The Islands. I totally could of went for a 5th coat because the slight visible nail line is killing me, but 4 is my limit.  So, it is buildable but is it really... worth it? The dry time was the least impressive of the 4 polishes in this mini set.

Color Club Sea-ing Blue
Color Club Sea-ing Blue
Color Club Sea-ing Blue

Last but not least is Sea-ing Blue, an aqua blue crelly with bright blue shimmer mixed in. This was a really nice color. It's a very soft shade of what could be a bright color. If that blue shimmer was more obvious, I'd love it 10x more.

I did 4 coats of Sea-ing Blue. This formula was similar to the other 2 crellies from above. It had a smooth application and gave me no problems. The polish is buildable. Another okay, not too impressive, dry time. That red really got my hopes up LOL

(L->R) Tiny Umbrella over Pure Ice Dollface,
Color Club The Islands over Sinful Colors Pistache,
and Color Club Sea-ing Blue over Zoya Rocky

The crellies are nice built up, but to be honest I don't have that kind of patience for 4+ coats. I decided to try them layered over 3 similar colors (listed in the caption, above). I enjoyed this method more. The colors I layered them over dry quicker, so it cut down on dry time even though I was still at 3 coats. But if you want to wait for them to dry, by all means - knock yourself out :]

Color Club Ticket to Paradise dotticure over Color Club Concrete Jungle

I did a dotticure over Color Club Concrete Jungle. You can really tell the difference in opacity of the polishes here, I think.

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Price: $8.50 MSRP / Mini Kit $12.95 MSRP
Where to Find: Website, 8ty8Beauty, The Beauty Clutch, Transdesign, Enospring, Locator

I was a little bummed out by these 4 polishes. I thought they were going to be opaque cremes from the pictures of the bottles on the website. The crelly finish is nice, but the dry time is killing me. Although, I am curious about the other 3 colors LOL. Sea-ing Blue would have to be my favorite.

Love ya!
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