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ZOYA: Transitional 2017 Naturel 3 Collection [Tatum, Cathy, Jill, Mary, Debbie, & Gina]

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Zoya 2017 Naturel 3 Collection
[L->R] Tatum, Cathy, Jill, Mary, Debbie, and Gina

Hey guys! Happy New Year! (Question - at what date do you stop saying HNY? Asking for a friend.) At the beginning of each year, Zoya releases a transitional collection filled with neutral and nude polishes. Today, I have the Naturel 3 Collection to share with you. This year, the collection is primarily nudes and browns. Check them out after the jump!

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Zoya Tatum

First up is Tatum, a "medium light nude cream with a warm base". This isn't the best color for me, I feel like it really brings out the redness in my hands. I'm sure someone out there will be the perfect color match for this nude!

I did 2 coats of Tatum. No issues with application. This cream formula was quite opaque and was very easy to build up for a nude creme. Dry time was great!

Zoya Cathy

Zoya Cathy is a "light pinky nude cream". This is a nice nude for me, however I do prefer my nude polishes to be slightly lighter. I think the touch of pink does a good job neutralizing the redness in my hands. I can see myself using this one every now and then :]

I did 2 coats of Cathy. Again, it was a nice smooth and opaque formula. It was very easy to build up and had a great dry time for a nude polishes. Can't complain!

Zoya Jill

Next up is my favorite polish in this collection. Jill is a "lighter mauve cream nude". I LOOOOOOOVE mauve polishes. They look awesome on almost everyone and are so classy looking. Can't go wrong with an awesome mauve creme polish!

I did 2 coats of Jill. This polish was super opaque and very easy to apply. No issues with dry time and I almost feel like this is the quickest drying polish in this collection.

Zoya Mary

Zoya Mary is a "medium raisin cream". I feel like the "raisin" is very subtle in this one and it strongly leans on the brown side. This is a nice polish if you're looking for a neutral type of nail color without having to go for a nude.

I did 2 coats of Mary. No issues with this polish. Like the ones above, it had a very nice opaque creme formula. Dry time was also without any issues. I have no complaints about the formulas in this collection!

Zoya Debbie

Up next is Debbie, a rich "plum brown cream". This one reminds me more of a raisin shade than Mary (above). At first glance it seems like a dark brown but I feel like if you concentrate longer, you can really notice the purple.

I did 2 coat of Debbie. Application was great and the formula was without any problems. I feel like this formula was just a tad thicker than the rest of the collection, which I almost prefer more. No problems with dry time, dried just as quick as the others.

Zoya Gina

Zoya Gina (damn, Gina!) is a "medium brown neutral cream". This reminds me of chocolate! It sure is smooth like a nice piece of chocolate. If I still did nail art on a regular basis, I can see myself reaching for this one often to use in nail art.

I did 2 coats of Gina, like the rest of the collection. Didn't run into any issues with this polish. We are 6 for 6 with perfect creme formulas with perfect dry times!

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Price: $10 each / $60 6-polish Collection
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And welcome to Zoya 2017! I'm not a big fan of neutral collections, this one isn't my favorite but I don't hate it. If I had to chose a top 3 I'd have to pick Jill, Cathy, and Gina. Any of these polishes catch your eye?

I will return in about a week (pending a breakout on my face -.-) with swatches of the Naturel 3 Collection lip sticks

I can't wait to see what Zoya has in store for us this year!

Love ya lots!
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