Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ZOYA: Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection Lipsticks [Bristol, Lucky, Maggie, Tommy, Layne, Addie, & Izzy]

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Zoya Fall 2017 Lipstick shades
Top: Bristol, Lucky, Maggie, Tommy - Bottom: Layne, Addie, Izzy
Hi friends! #notmynailsbut... Today we are finishing up the Zoya Sophisticates Collection! This post features swatches 7 new lipsticks that are brand new for Fall 2017. Check out pictures of my face after the jump.
These lipsticks have a very hydrating, creamy formula. I don't know anything about lipstick... and only somewhat know how to apply it (sorry, Zoya LOL!) so bear with me throughout this review. I'd love your feedback :]

Zoya Layne

Layne is a medium dusty rose cream lipstick. Not a fan of this color, looks a little too bubblegum pink on me.

Zoya Addie
Addie is a pinky nude apricot cream lipstick. Not a big fan of nude lips on myself, but I really like how Addie looked.

Zoya Izzy
Izzy is a deep fuchsia cream lipstick. I feel like this is my go-to (the 2 out of the 365 days a year I wear lipstick - don't ask me which days LOL!), "I'm fun but I don't want to wear red lipstick because it's a pain" type of color.

Zoya Bristol

Bristol is a medium wine tone cream lipstick. I like this lipstick because it's a nice, subtle, touch of color that looks more on the natural side.

Zoya Lucky
Lucky is a vibrant cool toned pink cream polish. Definitely a bright lipstick! It does have a little shimmer to it. You can see the shimmer in the actual lipstick, but it's quite subtle once it's on your lips.

Zoya Maggie
Maggie is a deep berry cream lipstick. This is another subtle, natural looking lipstick that adds a nice bit of color to your face. (I wanted to word that better but "on your face" just seems Lacey-like)

Zoya Tommy

Tommy is a saturated blurple cream lipstick. I was super stoked for this lipstick. Navy lipstick is like my favorite-est ever. This was a little lighter than I expected. It also was a little on the patchy side and I had to build it up a bit. Maybe next year I'll get my navy lipstick!

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And this concludes my first ever post with multiple images of my mouth LOL! I really like Addie and Bristol. If Tommy was less patchy and a littttttllleee darker, it would me my favorite for sure. Still love me some blue lipstick either way though!

Let me know what you guys think of this post, please? I'll have the new Zoya Party Girl Collection up as soon as I receive it and am able to swatch it! Stay tuned :]

Love ya!
These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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