Monday, February 5, 2018

ZOYA: Kisses - Pastel Jellies - Quad Collection [Vickie, Libby, Princess, & Leia]

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Zoya  Kisses - Pastel Jellies - Quad Collection
L->R: Vickie, Libby, Princess, and Leia

Hey guys! Today I have the Kisses nail polish quad from Zoya. This mini collection is made up of pastel jelly polishes and a pretty, iridescent topper. Check out all the swatches after the jump :]

Zoya Vickie
Zoya Leia + Vickie
Zoya Leia + Vickie
Zoya Leia + Vickie

Vickie is a 'buildable, milky gray jelly". This is a gray that is on the purple side.  It's a very nice and soft, calming color. I did 3 coats of Vickie, but I feel like I probably could have done one more layer (but 3 is my limit LOL). This jelly formula was great to work with - easy to build up with a great dry time. 

I did one coat of Leia over Vickie. Vickie really brings out the purple shift in the iridescent micro flakies. This is my favorite combo in the set.

Zoya Libby
Zoya Libby
Zoya Leia + Libby
Zoya Leia + Libby

Libby is a "milky lavender jelly".  This lavender shade is a little on the pink side for me, but it's my favorite out of the 3 jelly polishes. It's just such a pretty color and is so soft but not boring haha. I did 3 coats of Libby with no issues.  Like the previous polish, it had a nice dry time which made it super easy to build up if you prefer not to wear it as a sheer polish.

I did 1 coat of Leia over Libby. Libby really brings out the gold and fuchsia shift in the iridescent flakies. 
Zoya Princess
Zoya Leia + Princess
Zoya Leia + Princess
Zoya Leia + Princess
Last but not least is Princess, "milky pink jelly". This is a bubblegum shade of pink. While it's not my favorite type of pink, it's an awesome color for spring. I did 3 coats of Princess. Again, no issues with the dry time or buildability.

I did 1 coat of Leia over Princess. Princess highlights the gold and pink shift that Leia's micro flakies have. 

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Price: $10 each / $40 Quad Set
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I'm super impressed by all these jelly formulas! Zoya has made jelly polishes in the past and I wasn't previously happy with the dry time. They have come a long way since like 2012 Zoya jelly polishes. I hope Zoya has more jelly polishes to release, I really want to see more! 

Happy Monday!
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