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ZOYA: Bridal Bliss Collection Part II [Chantal, Loretta, Erika, McKenna, Brighton, Leia]

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Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection
[L->R] Chantal, Loretta, Erika, McKenna, Brighton, and Leia
Today, I am sharing the 2nd half of the Bridal Bliss Collection with you. These polishes are mostly neutral shades and glittery finishes. As we have observed in the previous half, there are a lot of polishes in this collection that have been picked from previous collections. This post is very similar, however there is one new polish that is new for Bridal Bliss 2018. Check out the oldies, but goodies, and the brand new Zoya Brighton after the jump!

Zoya Erika
Zoya Erika

Erika is a "soft, girly pale baby pink with lots of fine gold shimmer". I really liked this fun take on a baby pink polish. I was so pleased when the shimmer matched the bottle. This is another re-release, Erika was originally part of the 2008 Chit Chat Collection. I can totally see why this was revived for a bridal collection though.

I did 3 coats of Erika. It was very spotty for me, I had a lot of bald spots at the curve in my nails I couldn't cover. I stop at 3 coats because outside of swatching, I don't go beyond 3 coats. I don't think a 4th coat would have covered the bald spots to be honest.

Zoya McKenna

McKenna is a "refined pearl in a soft almond". This color reminds me of putty and the pearl shimmer is very, very subtle. This polish was first released with the Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection. I feel it's a little soon to see this polish again but *shrugs*. Five months later, and I'm still not a fan of this shade haha.

I did 2 coats of McKenna. This cream polish had a great formula that was easy to work with and build to opacity. Dry time was good, no complaints there. I see that I noted a thicker formula with McKenna a few months ago in my previous review, but I didn't find it thick this time around.

Zoya Loretta

Loretta is a "light beige with a sheer creme finish. A universally flattering nude with a unique translucent finish". This polish is super duper sheer. It does lean toward the crelly side of finishes. This would be a great polish for a french manicure. It neutralizes any yellow polish stains and flaws in your nails, creating a flawless and soft finish. Not 100% sure when this polish was first released, but I did see a blog post from 2009 featuring Loretta.

I did 4 coats of Loretta, mostly to see how opaque I could get her. It's going to take a ton of coats to build to opacity LOL, not worth trying... especially because dry time wasn't the best. It's the slow dry time you'd expect from a similar, sheer pink polish.


Chantal is a "French, Nude vanilla cream". Originally released in 2014 with the Naturel Collection. It's funny because I wrote down "mannequin hands" in my notes, and that's literally what I wrote about this polish in 2014! Not a fan of this "nude" shade on me,  a little too yellow.

I did 2 coats of Chantal. It was a nice smooth formula, easy to work with, and covered nicely. Dry time was great, no complaints.

Zoya Brighton
Zoya  Brighton
Zoya Brighton over McKenna
Zoya Brighton over McKenna

This was the polish I was MOST excited for in the Bridal Bliss Collection. Brighton is a "full coverage, diamond holographic soft nude". This polish is made up of teeny tiny silver holographic flakies The holographic sparkle is awesome! I wasn't sure what to expect looking at the bottle, but I love the look of this polish. This polish is brand new for this collection and I am SOOOO hoping this means we will see more holographic polishes from Zoya in the future :] 

I did 3 coats of Brighton. It's very easy to build up or layer over a similar nude polish, I used McKenna. Each coat was packed with holographic awesomeness that was smooth to apply. No issues to report with dry time either. 

Zoya Leia over [left to right]  Chantal, Rue, Blu, and Abby

Zoya Leia over (top to bottom) Chantal, Rue, Blu, and Abby

While we have seen Leia quiteeee recently, in the Kisses Quad Collection, I'm not mad that I'm seeing her again! Leia is a "sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold". I love how this polish interacts with different base colors. There is a strong fuchsia shift, but I love when the other flakies come out to play when you pair it with certain colors.

I did 2 coats of Leia over Chantal, Rue, Blu, and Abby. It's easy to build up Leia with as little or as much shimmer as you'd like. No problems with application or dry time.

Price: $10 each
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

If you missed Part I of the Bridal Bliss Collection, be sure to check out the other 6 polishes: here. While I am still disappointed we have another set of repeats, I am glad they introduced Brighton. It is a top pick for this set of polishes. And if you haven't purchased Leia yet, I highly suggest that topper as it transforms any polish!

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  1. I love all of the holographic polishes from Zoya! I have most of them, I'm working on adding them all to my collection! There are several of them: Aurora; Blaze; Dream; Finley; Payton; Storm. I have all but Storm so far, just got Brighton in the mystery box. :)

  2. Beautiful swatches, by the way Lacey! :)


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