Tuesday, November 5, 2019

ZOYA: Fall 2019 Sensual Collection PART II [Etta, Ripley, Michaela, Vesper, Elliot, & Ashton]

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Zoya Fall 2019 Sensual Collection
L→R: Etta, Ripley, Michaela, Vesper, Elliot, and Ashton

ANDDDDD we're back after some technical difficulties haha. Which is fine because I have Part II of the Zoya Fall 2019 Collection and for most of the US, a cold front just rolled through! Sorry south Florida, you'll just have to admire these jewel tones and pretend it's chilly out. If you missed Part I, click here, and if you're ready to take a look at the next 6 polishes jump on over!

Zoya Etta
Macro: Zoya Etta
Ms. Etta is a deliciously "vampy cabernet with a hint of violet micro pearl". I always love vampy red-toned purple for the fall and this one does not disappoint. The micro-pearl shimmer makes it 10x better. I did 2 coats of Etta.

Zoya Ripley
Ripley is a warm, "rich boysenberry cream". Another lovely purple polish. I know I have quite a few  like this in my collection and there's a reason why: it's freakin' pretty. I would absolutely wear this year-round. I did 3 coats of Ripley.

Zoya Michaela
Michaela is a "dusty purple taupe cream". I find this to be a very unique shade of purple. While I have similar purples, I definitely don't have anything exactly the same. I've actually been wearing this for about 2 weeks now with zero chips, just a little tip wear! Funny thing is, I layered the infamous Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Michaela and it turned it burgundy! haha it's pretty cool looking actually. I did 2 easy coats of Michaela.

Zoya Vesper
Vesper is described as a "deep, antique grey-violet cream". I find this to be much darker swatched than they show on the website. I don't hate the color that I photographed, it's just much darker... I do kind of wish for the lighter, dusty shade they show in the simulated swatches. It seems like other people are having a hard time photographing Vesper though after a quick Google image search lol. I did 2 coats of Vesper.

Zoya Elliot
Elliot is a "blackened peacock blue cream". This is a gorgeous shade of dark blue! It's very much a blackened blue, but it's an inky blue which makes it more interesting than your typical navy. I did 2 coats of Elliot.

Zoya Ashton
Macro: Zoya Ashton

Ashton is a "black tourmaline with a scattered silver effect". THAT MACRO, YOU GUYS! Those itty bitty iridescent, rainbow micro-flakies are EVERYTHING. I thought this would be a little more charcoal when looking at the bottle, but the shimmer against the black is fantastic. I did 2 coats of Ashton. No need to dab upon application, the flakies apply nice and evenly on each coat.

Price: $10 each / $60 per 6 polish set
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

And that concludes the Fall 2019 Collection from Zoya! For this half of the collection I'd have to say my favorites are Etta and Elliot. If you missed Part I (the warmer shades), you can check out it here

Happy Fall, Y'all!
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