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ZOYA: Holiday 2019 Twinkling Collection PART II [Rosa, Gabi, Sedona, Jen, Alessia, & Jett]

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Zoya Holiday 2019 Twinkling Collection
L→R: (TOP) Rosa, Gabi, Sedona
(BOTTOM) Jen, Alessia, Jett

Not too much longer before Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa! Zoya is serving up some sparkle in this half of my Twinkling Collection swatches. If you missed Part I, click over here. Otherwise, if you're looking for some fun colored polishes: check out Rosa, Gabi, Sedona, Alessia, and Jett after the jump!

Zoya Rosa
Zoya Rosa
Rosa is a "bright and cheerful fuchsia with a pearl effect". Honestly, wasn't stoked about this hot pink pearl even after swatching it... BUT I've been wearing it for the last 3 days and I love it haha. I think it's the "candy coated" look it gives off. Almost reminds me of ribbon candy. If you're not in the mood for red or green, I think this is a great holiday alternative. I did 2 coats of Rosa. 

Zoya Gabi
Zoya Kaede over Gabi
Zoya Kaede over Gabi
Gabi is an opaque, warm-toned "midnight purple aubergine cream". Not expected from a holiday collection, but very much appreciated as a winter color. I love how the glitter Kaede pops against the dark purple. Gabi is the best pairing for Kaede out of this entire collection IMHO. I did 2 coats of Gabi, which applies like a classic Zoya cream polish.

Zoya Sedona
Zoya Sedona
Zoya Sedona was a tricky one. She's one of those polishes you're just not sure how it will look once on your nails: More brown? Purple? Red?. Sedona is described as rich, "warm, spiced mahogany with a pearl effect". And is definitely gorgeous! I don't find the pearl as strong as Rosa, which is fine to me because combating brush strokes would be difficult. I did 2 coats of Sedona.

Zoya Jen
Zoya Jen
Jen is a cool-toned, "royal sapphire blue with a hint of purple". Now, this is a pretty polish. It's a dark blue but when the light hits it just right it gives off a unique glow thanks to the itty bits of blue flecks running through it. I did 2 coats of Jen.

Zoya Alessia
Zoya Alessia
Alessia is an "icy blue metallic with hints of silver". This is a nice wintery blue polish packed with tons of metallic bue and silver glitter. I don't know much about Hanaukkah... but this definitly reminds me of all the blue Hanaukkah decorations I see at the stores. Again, I don't know much about Hanaukkah lmao. I did 2 coats of Alessia. Super easy to apply, clean up can leave some of the micro glitter along the cuticles.

Zoya Jett
Zoya Jett
Jett is a "frosted silver with a flakey texture that dries down matte". Zoya's officially done it, they've bottled the moon's surface into a nail polish hahaha or what Lacey thinks resembles the moon. I'm not sure how I feel about this polish. The shade of muted silver is pretty, but I can't get on board with the textures. I did 2 coats of Jett. Application was easy to work with, but you may have to fish and dab on some of the flakes if you're particular about having some of those on each nail.

Price: $10 each / $60 per 6 polish set / $30 per polish trio
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

Big fan of this half of the collection, the colors are just fantastic. Jen and Rosa are my top picks from these polishes. I know, y'all weren't expecting me to pick a PINK as a favorite haha but she grew on me. I hope to see more finishes like Rosa in the future from Zoya! If you want to check Part I of my Twinkling Collection review, click here!

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Happy Holidays!
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