Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ZOYA: Fall 2015 Focus Collection [Janel, Hannah, Charli, Sia, Lidia, & Desiree]

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Zoya Focus Collection (L->R) Janel, Hannah,
Charli, Sia, Lidia, and Desiree

IT'S TIME, Y'ALL! Fall colors are upon us. I'm so happy I could cry. Fall is my favorite... even though I've never experienced a true fall weather season LOL. The Focus Collection is Zoya's Fall 2015 creme collection. It's filled with some gorgeous colors and I can't wait to share them with you after the jump!

Zoya Janel
Zoya Janel

Janel is a "deep red cream that has a warm undertone". These first 2 polishes are pretty similar reds, just the undertones are different and Janel is slightly deeper. You don't really need both, especially if you have a ton of reds already :P

I did 2 coats of Janel. It had a nice, smooth application that was easy to work with. No dry time issues to report!

Zoya Hannah
Zoya Hannah

Hannah is a "classic red cream with a balanced (neutral) undertone". This is more of a classic, candy apple red in comparison to Janel.  Not sure which one I like better on me - what do you think?

I did 2 coats of Hannah. I had no issues with application. It was smooth and easy to work with, like most Zoyas. Dry time was great.

Zoya Charli
Zoya Charli

Charli is a "dusty taupe cream that has a hint of green, but is still a perfect neutral". This is a nice, unique color that is going to be AWESOME for fall! I want to say I don't have anything identical in my collection, but honestly who knows anymore LOL.

I did 2 coats of Charli. The application was great to work with and I didn't have any issues with this polish. Dry time was also awesome. Can't complain.

Zoya Sia
Zoya Sia

Sia is a "true, royal blue cream (Please note: This is a highly pigmented shade. Make sure to apply a base coat to prevent staining)". This blue is OFF THE CHAIN! I'm in love with this blue. I wanted to faint when I put it on haha. If you like bright blue polishes - buy this one.

I did 2 coats of Sia. I know Zoya warns against staining, I didn't experience any while swatching (like 5-10 mins max) but I would obviously recommend a base coat during long time wear! I can't complain about application or dry time, both were awesome.

Zoya Lidia
Zoya Lidia

Lidia is a "rich eggplant cream that has a blackened purple base and just a hint of red to make it more wearable for all skin tones". This purple is so gorgeous and perfect for fall... and every damn day LOL. Just a great dark purple.

I did 3 coats of Lidia, it was a little streaky but easy to even out. The application was smooth and didn't give me any issues at all. Dry time was great also.

Zoya Desiree
Zoya Desiree

Desiree is a "classic sable brown cream that has just enough gray to keep it cool in tone". Such a nice rich shade of brown! Between this and the brown I reviewed last week, brown polish is growing on me.

I did 2 coats of Desiree. This entire collection, including Desiree, had fantastic formulas. Like the others, Desiree was very easy to apply and even out. Dry time was quick and awesome!

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I'm so happy fall colors are back, they're my favorite. Such gorgeous and rich colors, what's not to love! Sia and Charli are my top picks for this collection. The reds are great, too, but I honestly have so many reds! If you're looking for a great red though, Janel and Hannah are great choices :]

Have a good one!
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  1. Love your Mani's and The color's are So Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! I agree, they did great with these <3


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