Friday, August 21, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday - COLOR CLUB: Endless Summer & On The Rocks

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Color Club Endless Summer (left) and On The Rocks (right)

Look what's back, after a month haha, Forget Me Not Friday! :P Today I have 2 polishes from the Color Club 2013 Fiesta Collection. I won these polishes last year some time and I've been using them every now and then. These were the last two in the box and I figured it was about time to put them to good use! Plus, they're named after 2 things I like - forever summer and drinks on the rocks LOL. More after the jump ;]

Color Club Endless Summer
Color Club Endless Summer

Endless Summer is a medium, bright, Lego blue. (I own an '05 Kia Sorento and I see a lot of the same year models in this color which remind me of Lego cars LOL! Sorry if that's your car :X )  I really love this shade of blue, it's bright but not toooo bright. It's such a fun color, too. If you love blues like I do, you'll like this one! I don't think I have any dupes for this.

I did 2 coats of Endless Summer. The application was nice and easy to work with. I was afraid it was going to be pretty sheer after the first coat but the 2nd coat proved me wrong. This dries to a semi-matte finish. No problems with dry time.

Color Club On the Rocks
Color Club On the Rocks
Color Club On the Rocks

On the Rocks is your classic, foil-y, pain in the butt to clean up, silver polish. This color is quite popular right now for all those sheer, watercolor type polish collections. It's not unique by any means, every brand has this polish, but it is a nice polish to have in your collection. Super shiny and reflective!

I did 2 coats of On the Rocks. The application was super smooth, easy to work with, easy to build up. Dry time was great. No complaints from me.

Color Club Endless Summer and On the Rocks using Glam My Mani nail vinyls

I threw on some Glam My Mani nail vinyls and layered On the Rocks over Endless Summer. These colors go really nicely together :]

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Price: $8.50 (MSRP)
Where to Find: Website, 8ty8Beauty, The Beauty Clutch, Transdesign, Locator

I always forget how much I like working with Color Club polishes, when they aren't total formula fails :P I'm really loving Endless Summer, such a stunning blue. Any must have Color Clubs in your collection?

Happy Friday!
I won these items for free in a giveaway. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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