Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SQUAREHUE: The Decades Collection - 1970 [August: Watergate, Night Fever, & iPolish]

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SquareHue (L->R) Watergate, Night Fever, and iPolish

I swear on my life there is a polish on the right LOL, poor polish turned into a ghost! Coming back with a bang -.- Today I have the 1970s Decades Collection from SquareHue. This is a monthly subscription box of 2-3 polishes. Check out this month's box (ghost polish and all) after the jump!

SquareHue Watergate
SquareHue Watergate
SquareHue Watergate

Watergate is a super shimmery polish made up of tiny micro flakies in a sheer blue base. These flakies shift from bright blue to purple with an awesome duochrome effect. This polish is so pretty and super sparkly. Aside from the political scandal this polish is named after, I do think of a beautiful, sparkling body of water!

I did 4 coats of Watergate. To be honest, I thought this would be more opaque and I probably could of used a 5th coat. This would probably be best used over a similar colored polish. The application was smooth and easy to work with. The coverage wasn't super even, so you can end up with bald spots if you're not paying attention. Besides my cons, it did dry super quickly.

SquareHue iPolish
SquareHue iPolish

iPolish (I'm guessing this has to do with Apple being founded in the 70s?) is a pure white creme nail polish. Nothing crazy about this polish, but always a nice staple to have in your collection - more to say about the formula than the appearance :P

I did 2 coats of iPolish. I was quite impressed with this white creme. The formula was nice and opaque, very easy to build up. It was also super smooth to apply, not gloopy at all what so ever. This polish might have to be the quickest drying white polish I have in my collection. I really need to try stamping with it!

SquareHue Night Fever over iPolish
SquareHue Night Fever over iPolish
SquareHue Night Fever over iPolish

Night Fever (I actually love the Bee Gees! Thanks Mom for always playing that adult alternative station constantly when I was younger haha) is a sparkly, holographic disco ball glitter polish. It has small and medium sized silver holo glitter hexes. This is a nice simple glitter topper that is fun to add to any polish undies.

I did 2 coats of Night Fever. One coat had a great glitter coverage, I added a 2nd coat to add some more of the medium sized hex to my nails. No issues with application. This polish was easy to work with and the dry time was great!

Square Hue 1970s Collection

I created this mani by using Watergate as a base, added some You Polish single chevron vinyls and filled in the triangles with iPolish topped with Night Fever. This mani looks quite futuristic for 1970s inspired polishes :P

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Price: (3 polishes) $14.99/mo +shipping / (2 polishes) $10.99/mo +shipping
Where to Find: Website

What do you think of this collection? I know a lot of people were saying they've been unsubbing because they've been disappointed.

Well I gotta go, I'm having WAY too much fun watching Bee Gees music videos on YouTube lmfao.

Have a good one!
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