Wednesday, June 26, 2013

POLISH ADDICT: Dr. Franken & Jellyfish I

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Polish Addict Jellyfish I (left) and Dr. Franken (right)

Wuddddupppp?! Today I have 2 polishes by Polish Addict to share with you! After the jump, swatch and review, plus a comparison to an older Polish Addict polish.

Polish Addict Dr. Franken over Julep Dianna
Polish Addict Dr. Franken over Julep Dianna
Polish Addict Dr. Franken over Julep Dianna
Polish Addict Dr. Franken over Julep Dianna - direct sunlight
Polish Addict Dr. Franken over Julep Dianna

This is Dr. Franken, mixture of black and various colors, sizes and shapes of matte and sparkly glitter. In all honesty, I was a little hesitant at first but I think it grew on me :P I believe there are 2 versions of Dr. Franken out there, this is the 2nd version.

I paired 2 coats Dr. Franken with Julep Dianna. No issues with this one! I love when big pieces of glitter come out of the bottle effortlessly.

Polish Addict Jellyfish I
Polish Addict Jellyfish I
Polish Addict Jellyfish I - direct sunlight
Polish Addict Jellyfish I

This is Jellyfish I, which is also the 2nd version of this polish. I have the comparison to the 1st version below. Anyways, this is a white based frosty polish with golden shimmer and blue, purple and gold small glitters throughout. I'm not a frosty finish or white based polish person but I really like the golden shimmer!

I did 3 coats of Jellyfish I, no undies. The application was smooth and without issues. I was pleasantly surprised by the dry time of this polish, considering sometimes white based polishes can be a biaaaa when it comes to dry time. No issues noted from me!

Here's my comparison between Jellyfish I and the original Jellyfish:

Polish Addict Jellyfish (left) VS Jellyfish I (right)
Polish Addict Jellyfish
Polish Addict Jellyfish (middle and pinky)
VERSUS Jellyfish I (ring and pointer)
Polish Addict Jellyfish (middle and pinky)
VERSUS Jellyfish I (ring and pointer)

As you can see there is quite a difference in the two Jellyfish polishes. The original has more of a mauve-y nude-ish base with a less uniform mixture of glitter. I personally prefer the 1st version since it is less white and I enjoy the variety more, but that's just me!

There is also a Jellyfish II, which I do have my eye on due to the colors :P

Jellyfish II via Kimber's Lacquer Korner

Big Cartel | Facebook | Instagram
Price: Full Sized $8.00 - $9.00
Where to Find: Big Cartel, Mei Mei's Signatures

Happy my hums, my humps, hump day! :P
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  1. Aw, I'm super bummed that the formula for Jellyfish changed. After seeing your swatches of the original, it went straight on my wishlist, but I remember about a month ago I did a WL clean-up to see what I still wanted and what I didn't, and when I looked up Jellyfish I was like "wtf was I thinking?" Now I know why. :P

    I super hate when indies/big companies change the formula so it looks really different, but keep the same name. So much confusion. I have a bottle of Pahlish Chemical Swirl that looks *nothing* like any of the swatches online, and I had no idea it wouldn't because I bought it secondhand and the seller probably didn't even think to mention it. Just come up with new names, people! Jellyfish should have been retired if the glitters or pigments were no longer available, and this one could be called something different to avoid confusion. :/

    1. LOL at least I helped you figure it out :P It was quite the change from the original :[ I hate it too, I don't mind it when they MENTION that they do it but when they do some under the table stuff it really irks me. I agree, this should of been called something different, but I guess the "I" makes it different? lmao Jellyfish isn't the first thing I think of though


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