Saturday, August 17, 2013


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Born Pretty Store Nail Water Decals

HAPPY SATURRRRDAYYY! I've been itching to try these nail water decals from Born Pretty Store. I've seen people review them and now I finally get to :] They didn't work like I thought they would but I did enjoy the ease of using this product and how it forms well to your nail. After the jump I'll outline how to use them and the nail art design I did!

These are the designs I received:

Born Pretty Store Nail Water Decals

I thought the sayings were a little odd (shiny day, mood on sunday, happy day, fashion and concise) haha but the designs are nice.

Born Pretty Store Nail Water Decals
Maybe I'm crazy but I thought these worked like tattoos haha The instructions kind of skipped the whole "take the decal off the paper" step so I was looking like an idiot trying to use it like a water tattoo LOL.

Anyways, what you do is the following:
1) Cut out the decal
2) Remove the clear plastic film.
3) Soak the decal for about 15 seconds and wet your desired nail.
4) Using your fingers or some tweezers, slide/peel the decal off the paper. It's delicate - be careful! (If parts fold over each other you can try to unfold it verrryy carefully in the water)
5) Place the decal where you'd like it on your nail. The less water on your nail/the decal the less time you will have to move the decal into place.
6) If your decal goes on the sides/on your cuticle you can use a clean up brush and acetone and VERY carefully dab and wipe away the excess.
7) Seal with top coat. (If you're using Seche, be careful because it smudged my designs if I went over a section more than once with the brush)

Born Pretty Store Nail Water Decals over Londontown Radlett
Born Pretty Store Nail Water Decals over Londontown Radlett
Born Pretty Store Nail Water Decals over Londontown Radlett

I like how they are decals that take the work out of nail art but unlike the sticker type they form to your nail so no areas will pop up throughout wear. As I stated before about the top coat, you can see on the "shiny" the Y got smudged and some of the cow print at the bottom of the nail from Seche. So just be careful while your top coating. :]

They were super easy to work with and I really do want to purchase more of these and try them out! ALSO they are super duper cheap! I'm really interested in the entire nail covering decals, they look interesting.

If you want to try these out check out Born Pretty Store. They always have free shipping and while the shipping wait is a little while, you will receive your products. I have ordered from them a handful of times and I've had no issues. Also, here's a coupon for 10% off your purchase!

Have a great weekend :]
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