Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23 Manic-ure Giveaways Monday

Pin It This will be my last Manic-ure Giveaways Monday post until November :[ I'm moving and I'll be in Houston visiting family for a month so I won't have time to compile a list. If you want to message/email me giveaways I will be happy to share them on my Facebook page during that time! :]

These are the giveaways I've collected in the past week from my Facebook feeds, Twitter, blog feed, links that emailed to me, and I that I dig for Google.

If you'd like to submit your blog giveaway for next week here's the 4-1-1:

  • Please make sure your giveaway is nail, manicure, pedicure related. I will not post giveaways that don't relate to those categories, sorry.
  • Giveaways are posted ONCE. I STRIVE not to re-post giveaways each week and every week is a totally new list... BUT, I do provide back links and a master list of all my giveaways posts (found in my sidebar). Please check those to see if I've previously shared your giveaway before contacting me. If it doesn't look familiar, I don't check... but be honest! Thanks! 
  • Preferably giveaways open internationally or giveaways that include the US. 
  • Please fill out the contact form under "CONTACT ME" or email me ( your giveaway link along with the date your giveaway ends.
Good luck!

Femme Fatale Lacquer - Giveaway {Ends 10/3}

The Trace Face Philes - Candy Lacquer Halloween Collection Giveaway {Ends 10/12}

Konad Nails - Shimmer Polish Giveaway {Ends 10/18}

Llarowe - Giveaway {Ends 9/24}

Accio Lacquer - LynBDesigns Fluffy Pumpkin Giveaway {Ends 9/28}

The Sparkling Hoard - Enchanted Polish Giveaway {Ends 9/29}

Musings of the Jedi Wife - Mont Bleu Giveaway {Ends TODAY!}

Barielle - Giveaway {Ends 9/26}

Carolina Fireflies - Julep Giveaway {Ends 9/25}

Qtplace - Rimmel London Giveaway {Ends 9/30}

Malas e Sapatitos - Kiko Giveaway {Ends 9/25}

Diary of a Trendaholic - Makeup Giveaway {Ends 9/29}

One Nail to Rule Them All - Essie Then and Now Giveaway {Ends 9/24}

The Reasonable Blonde - ELF Disney Villians Nail Polish Giveaway {Ends 9/30}

ChitChatNails - BKD Signature Giveaway {Ends 9/29}

I Heart Motherhood - Piggy Paint Giveaway {Ends 10/4}

Collab - September Group Giveaway {Ends TODAY!}

Missi Rose's Views - Nail Polish Giveaway {Ends 9/27}

Free Sweet Sweeps - Giveaways {Ends 10/31}
Wet n Wild - Spoiled Giveaway {Ends TODAY!}

Be sure to check out past giveaway posts! It's almost the end of the month, so a lot of giveaways are ending soon!

Hope one of you wins something good!

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