Friday, September 6, 2013


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A Girl Obsessed Grumpy Cat

The majority vote was for an indie polish today! Soooo today I'm showing you the custom polish A Girl Obsessed made for me and my giveaway. Naturally, it's a Grumpy Cat inspired polish hahahah how awesome. After the jump I'll show you what this baby looks like on the nail!

A Girl Obsessed Grumpy Cat
A Girl Obsessed Grumpy Cat
A Girl Obsessed Grumpy Cat
A Girl Obsessed Grumpy Cat

YES MA'AM. This custom Grumpy Cat polish is a creamy off-white color to match Tard's fur, you will also find copper, dark brown, white hexes of differemt sizes to match her fur accents. Pink glitter for her pink nosey and large light blue glitter for The Grump's loving light blue eyes. This is purrrrrfection.

I did 3 coats of Grumpy Cat plus top coat. I was expecting 2 but 3 was needed to even out some bald spots. The application gave me no issues. The large blue glitter, as expected, required a little fishing. The dry time was as expected for a light creme polish, waiting between coats is a big help!

As I stated before, Grumpy Cat was custom made for me and my giveaway. If you would like to win a bottle of Grumpy Cat by A Girl Obsessed - you can enter HERE!

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