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Sensationail Rock My Emerald and Essentials Kit

Hi friends! Today I'm reviewing something I have touched briefly on before, the Sensationail gel polish system. The color I'm reviewing today is from their new Liquid Metal, metallics LE collection. Naturally, I chose the green one called Rock My Emerald ;) Check out my review and swatch after the jump!

Sensational LED lamp

If you're not familiar with Sensationail, it works like most LED gel polish systems do. Briefly, you: buff, clean, prime, base coat, cure, polish, cure, polish, cure, top coat, cure, and clean, to get a long lasting at home gel mani! It may seem like a lot of steps for one manicure, but I think the results are worth it.

I've only used one other color from Sensationail, Raspberry Wine, which is my go-to pedicure color. Gel polish used as a pedi is a GODSEND to me. I hate painting my toes. HATTTTEEE. So this was a change to wear it as a manicure, especially since I'm usually swatching nearly every day.

Sensationail Rock My Emerald

I decided to give Rock My Emerald a shot while we moved out of our apartment since I wasn't going to be swatching. After all, we all want pretty nails and during a move that's near impossible! I figured that'd be a good trial period for Sensationail.

The application was very similar to the other Sensationail polish I have. It applies just like regular polish formulawise. I have another LED gel system and the polish is thick and goopy, aka no fun to apply. No issues with the Sensationail polish formulas! I did notice when I applied the top coat, it did kind of pull the Rock My Emerald color off. I didn't have an issue with my previously owned polish... I'm wondering if this has to do with the metallic finish? Not sure. It just required another coat and a lot of wiping the brush off before brushing on the top coat (to prevent green from getting in the bottle).

Sensationail Rock My Emerald wear after 5 days

I wore Rock My Emerald for 5 days. While it claims 2 weeks of wear... You can see 2 weeks of growth would make for a hideous Ruffian-type manicure for me haha. I'd say the 5 day wear for what I put my nails through isn't bad at all! There was a lot of packing, lifting, grabbing, and cleaning going on. The tip wear was very minimal and only noticeable on inspection or a hard stare. My thumb clearly had the most wear and chipping, probably is a good depiction of how I use my nails on a daily basis :X

Removal of this gel brand is the hardest part for me. Sensationail also offers a removal kit and tool, but I do not own either. I probably should, I bet it would make life easier for me!

To remove I sssssomewhattttnotreally follow the directions. This is Laceyfied: Usually... I buff the protective, shiny layer off and then I soak in acetone for 5+ minutes (recommended in the instructions is 15 mins but... I can't sit still that long lmao). Then, I use an orange stick to peel off sections that will come off easily, usually parts on the edges of the nail. Since we all know me for my honesty... This may or may not make some of you cry or cringe haha (I'm sorry)... I'm impatient, so what left over color I can't get off from soaking, I file off in the sink or shower under water. This probably isn't the best way to remove it haha... Especially if you have thin nails... But to me it's most efficient and it personally doesn't do anything drastic to my nails. I honestly don't recommend my personal removal process to anyone, but I can't make this post without talking about my personal removal process/experience.

When I first used this gel polish back in 2012 as a manicure, I soaked for about 15-20 minutes and it still wasn't the easiest removal process. Even then, in the end I resorted to my trusty filing method lol.

I did come across this Facebook note by Sensationail with tips for removal while I was struggling: The comment section also has great tips from other users! I'm going to remember these for my next Sensationail removal. Hopefully they'll work.

Overall I do like this gel brand. The wear is great. I think the nonmetallic polish wears better than the metallic though. Removal isn't the easiest and is the biggest downfall to me. Hopefully with some of those tips in that Facebook note I'll get better!

The starter kit runs for about $40+ and I've seen it at most drugstores, Walmart and Target. The starter kid includes the LED light, gel cleanser, gel primer, gel top/basecoat and a gel polish in either Scarlet Red or Raspberry Wine. You can usually find coupons for Sensationail on their Facebook every now and then so keep an eye out if you're in the market for a kit! The single gel polishes run for about $10+, which isn't too bad to me. I'd also stalk their Facebook for coupons on these as well! (By the way, I was at Walgreens today and they had about 5 or 6 Sensationail polishes on clearance for about 50%, around $5! Since I already have an LED light and the essentials kit, I picked up a black... finally haha)

For more information about the Sensationail products, colors, and were to buy, I recommend visiting their website:

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Sensationail
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram 
Price: Starter Kit: $40+, Gel Polishes $10+, Essentials Kit $24+, Removal Kit $8+
Where to Find: Check "where to buy" on their website.

Hope you enjoyed this review of this gel polish system. If you have any questions - feel free to ask! Also, feel free to leave tips below if you've used Sensationail before!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. I've recently gotten into the gel polish crazy. I've always wondered about this brand. I might just pick one color up to try. I do love this shade. I find sometimes I get a few days wear while my last gel manicure I got a little over two weeks.

    1. It's worth a try! Especially when they have coupons out or colors on clearance. I bet it's hard to get consistent wear because the application process can vary - ya know? Hope you like thsi brand though!

  2. Damn your nails grew fast! Do you just got it like that or is it something you use? ;)

    1. I was blessed with crazy fast growing nails, thanks to my mom hahaha! I DO use Duri Rejuvocate to strengthen them because they can be flexy, I know a lot of people report growth with that polish but it doesn't seem to effect my nail growth... maybe because they grow at the speed of light lmao! <3


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