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GUEST POST: Tara Heath - Nailed It: 6 Ways to Keep Your Nails in Tip-Top Condition

Pin It Hi guys! Today is something a little different. No swatches or reviews today, but today I have an article that Tara Heath specifically wrote for my blog to share with you guys on 6 ways to keep your nails looking great!

Tara Heath is a freelance writer in Southern California. With a background in beauty, she knows that keeping your nails healthy is very important and tries to implement these tips as often as she can.

You know those yellowish, frail nails that nobody wants to have and that a lot of women hide under layers of thick, opaque polish? And, on the other hand, what about those girls who always have the perfectly strong nails that never split even when they're pretty long? Fact is, a lot of all that is genetic. Some women were just born this way. If your mom has soft, peeling nails, yours are probably not far off. But having bad genes is no excuse, ladies. Nails are a business card and one of the first things people notice. So let's see how we can make them feel and look better with the tricks of the trade.   
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Respect your nails. If you want to change your nail color, but you're all out of nail polish, don't cut corners and try to get them clean by using your own nails or sharp objects from your beauty kit. This event is a trauma for your nails, because it breaks and hurts them. Nail polish remover is rather cheap and you can usually find it close to home, so make an effort and get some. Splits or tears can ruin a good day. If you're not one to miss out on your beautiful, long nails and refuse to just cut them when one abandons ship, then repair them with glue or clear polish immediately. Otherwise, you risk losing them, and who wants that?  

Understand your nails. Wear a base coat under your color to keep your nails from turning strange colors. A transparent coat is your best bet. It will protect your nails from the pigments in colored nail polish, which have the tendency to stain and leave your nails looking old and exhausted. File your nails from center to outside, never the other way around, or back and forth. The only way to not damage your nails or break them is the first, so keep to that. Many women break their nails simply when trying to make them look better, which is unfortunate and a bit ironical. Filing your fingernails' corners too much causes them to break, so refrain from doing so excessively.  

Care for you nails. Help your nails from the inside out. Vitamin B, potassium, iron, and calcium are great for the vitality of your nails and can easily be found in foods like spinach, bananas, eggs, seafood, and tofu. Yellow nails are easily fixed with lemon juice, but make sure you have no cuts close to your nails if you don't want to scream in pain. Another good way of cleaning your tinted nails is brushing them with a bit of toothpaste that contains hydrogen peroxide.  

Protect your nails. Use sunblock on your hands. This will prevent your nails from getting brittle in hot weather, not to mention your skin will be smooth. Wearing gloves is also a good idea. Take a tip from the ladies of the past and find some nice winter, autumn, and spring gloves which will protect your fragile skin from the damage the sun and pollution can make. Keep your nails hydrated with almond oil rubbed vigorously. Waxy lip balm can also be applied to your nails to keep them in top shape. It's just a matter of preference.  

Get the best out of your nails. For the best looking nails, apply two coats of nail polish. But even if you're late, or if the taxi is outside, wait for the first layer to dry before applying a second one. If not, you'll have the dreaded bubbly manicure and all your efforts will be in vain. Slightly rounded nails will make your fingers look longer, so choose a shape and a color that goes well with your hands. Almond nails are all the rage right now, but if your fingers don't look good with that shape, don't wear it. Nails are more about looking clean and beautiful than about fashion.

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Pamper your nails. Get a hand massage as often as you can if you've just cut your nails and want them back. This type of stimulation makes nails grow faster and we all know how slowly nails grow when all you want them to be is long and lovely. Finally, make sure you don't think about your nails obsessively. Many women make nails a top subject in their lives, but if you get into some basic rituals, you won't have to worry too much about perfection. Nails are sensitive and easy to hurt, but sooner or later they just grow back.  


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