Friday, December 5, 2014

Forget Me Not Friday - HARE POLISH: For the Love of Lisa & The Hill Abduction, 1961

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Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa (L) and The Hill Abduction, 1961 (R)

Late again today, sorrrryyyy - not sorry hahah :P I got to spend the afternoon getting my teeth poked and drilled D: Hope your Friday is going well! We're back on schedule and back to Forget Me Not Friday. In case you forgot - This is my series where I swatch my bin of untrieds! This week I have 2 Hare Polish's I recently bought off some people. I've been itching to swatch 'em so figured you'd like to see them? LOL Check them out after the jump!

Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa
Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa
Hare Polish For the Love of Lisa

For the Love of Lisa is from the Jackalope Series. It is a "neon pink jelly, packed with neon pink glitter in several shapes and sizes, a smattering of twinkling iridescent purple squares, gold flakies and purple shimmer". And of course, it's inspired of Lisa friggin' Frank! Two neon pink polishes in a row - I doubt ya'll are mad about that :P I'm not a fan of pink buttt I'm a fan of Hare Polish and iridescent glitter. Win-win!

I did 3 coats of For the Love of Lisa, plus top coat (I'm learning Hare Polishes swatch nicer with top coat haha. Guess I can't be lazy anymore!). It built up nicely and had a nice smooth application. No complaints from me. I'm always a big fan of Hare Polish jellies, they have a great dry time!

Hare Polish The Hill Abduction, 1961
Hare Polish The Hill Abduction, 1961
Hare Polish The Hill Abduction, 1961

The Hill Abduction, 1961 is from Llarowe's A Box, Indied from October. If you need someone to perpetually buy Hare Polish from your A Box, Indieds - hit me up. (That's not a joke LOL) The Hill Abduction, 1961 is a "dark teal/navy jelly with extraterrestrial yellow-green glitter in different shapes and sizes. This shade also has iridescent green and iridescent blue glitters/shimmer throughout". One of my favorite types of polish shades, so I had to have it! It's just as pretty on the nail as it is in the bottle. With the glitter it almost gives off a forest green color - perrrfect!

I did 3 coats of The Hill Abduction, 1961. No issues with application, it was smooth and easy to build up - just like it's pink sistafren from above. Dry time was great and gave me no problems!

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Price: Full Sized $10
Where to Find: Etsy, Llarowe, Shop Eclecticco, Femme Fatale

Thanks for letting me share my Hare Polish obsession with you! LOL Sadly, The Hill Abduction 1961 is only available if you catch someone selling it. I didn't think For the Love of Lisa was available anymore but I saw it in Nikole's shop during her last restock!

Be sure to follow Hare Polish's social networks to catch restocks. I put her Facebook Page on the setting to give me notifications. Then I go buy like 2-3 at a time until I'll OWN THEM ALL MWHAHHHAHAHA! #daretodream

Have a great weekend, my loves!
I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?

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