Saturday, September 5, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday (Saturday Edition) - Hare Polish Regency Miss & Londontown Purple Reign

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Londontown Purple Reign (L) and Hare Polish Regency Miss (R)

Hey guys! Still trying to adjust to this whole "having a full time job and find time to swatch" thing so forgive my day late post :P I'm super excited to share these two polishes from Hare Polish and Londontown Lakur with you. If you like purple polish, these colors are amazing! Check 'em out after the jump.

Londontown Purple Reign
Londontown Purple Reign

I won a crapton of Londontown Lakur polishes last year. I have a bunch of them sitting in my untried box, so you'll probably see more soon now that I'm getting to the bottom of the box *le gasp!*. This is Purple Reign, a royal purple creme with TTEEEENNNYYY tiny subtle silver shimmer. I have a macro of the shimmer, but it really isn't worth adding lol. This is a nice purple typa color. Love nice purple creme polish :D

I did 2 coats of Purple Reign. I love the smooth formula and easy application of Londontown's polishes. The only thing I hate are the dry times. I don't know of it's me, the infused vitamins and minerals they claim, or the "9-free" formula... but this feels like it takes ages to dry compared to say... Zoya or China Glaze cremes. Seche Vite is a must for me when it comes to these polishes.

Hare Polish Regency Miss
Hare Polish Regency Miss
Hare Polish Regency Miss

Regency Miss is a "medium purple jelly with copper squares and hexes, baby pink dots and hexes, gold flakies and gold shimmer". I grabbed this last November... which I forgot I bought haha. It's SO FREAKIN' GORGEOUS! This polish is slightly darker than Purple Reign, from above, but Purple Reign made a great pair of undies for this jelly. The copper glitters against the purple jelly are giving me life, y'all.

I did 2 coats of Regency Miss over Purple Reign. Like I said, it's a little darker than Purple Reign but it worked out okay for layering! The application was easy to work with. The glitter coverage was AWESOME and each coat had a nice variety of glitter. No dry time problems :]

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Price: Full Sized $10
Where to Find: Etsy, Llarowe, Shop Eclecticco, Femme Fatale, Rainbow Connection, Little Vixen Shop
POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Londontown Lakur
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Price: $16
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Hope y'all have a great Labor Day weekend! Hope you score some awesome polish sale deals ;]

Love, ya!
I bought /won this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?

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