Wednesday, September 16, 2015

SALLY HANSEN: Miracle Gel Review (Up the Ante, Totem-ly Yours, Beatnick, & NEW Miracle Gel Top Coat)

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Sally Hansen (Top, L->R) Miracle Gel Totem-ly Yours and Beatnick
(Bottom) Miracle Gel Limited Editon Duo: Up the Ante and Miracle Gel Top Coat

Hi friends! Today I have some new shades from Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel line to share with you. The Miracle Gel System delivers gel like wear and shine without curing under a lamp. Sally Hansen has recently reformulated their Miracle Gel Top Coat, which is said to deliver more volume (for fuller nails? lol) and shine than ever before. In addition to the new Top Coat formula, there are TWENTY new shades of polish now available! Lets take a look at some these polishes after the jump, shall we?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Up the Ante
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Up the Ante

Up the Ante (Limited Edition Duo Packs only) is a "medium-toned plum". This is a crazy lovely warm purple plum creme. I've really been feeling purple polish lately and this one hits the spot! I received TONS of compliments on this polish today. I think this is a fun color for all year round, but I'd also wear every other color all year round bahaha.

I did 2 coats of Up the Ante plus one coat of Miracle Gel Top Coat. This polish had a decent application. It applies best, very smooth, when your brush has a lot of polish on it. I found if I didn't have much polish on the brush (amount I'd apply normal polish with), it gets sticky and not smooth. No complaints about the dry time without top coat. For some reason the top coat made this polish look bubbly and kind of bumpy? Not sure what happened!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Totem-ly Yours
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Totem-ly Yours

Totem-ly Yours (The Tribal Vibe Collection - permanent) is "an appealing dusty rose". I feel like this color developed darker after drying with the top coat. It was still pretty, but seemed darker the next day in person. These pictures were taken the day before wear. I really liked this color against my skin tone. Mauve-y, dusty rose polishes are a great alternative to nudes for my stupid red hands haha.

I did 3 coats of Totem-ly Yours plus one coat of Miracle Gel Top Coat. The application was similar to the other polishes: the more polish on the brush, the smoother and easier to work with the formula is to work with. This had the slowest dry time (without top coat) of the 3. When I applied the top coat it did create streaks, like it lifted up the polish... you can kind of see it on my ring finger if you look close enough.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Beatnick
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Beatnick

Beatnick (The Boho Chic Collection - permanent) is a "statement-making cobalt". This is more of a blurple-y cobalt to me than a true, bright blue cobalt. It's still a gorgeous color, bright and fun, a great color for every season. It's a deep enough blue to wear in the fall, but still bright enough to rock in the spring/summer. PERFECTION.

I did 2 coats of Beatnick plus Miracle Gel Top Coat. Again, application was the same as the others - the more polish on your brush, the nicer the application is. No issue with the dry time without top coat.

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So how do I feel about the no lamp required Miracle Gel system? I wore Totem-ly Yours and Up the Ante separately for 4 days each. I experienced chipping within 3 days with both wear tests. Not sure why it didn't last the extra 2 days compared to my last Miracle Gel review... Nonetheless, it didn't live up to the 14 day claim.

I previously reviewed the Miracle Gel system, here. After applying the top coat, I had the same issue as I did with the previous top coat: There was some "streaking" when I used Totem-ly Yours. Except this time the streaks didn't fade away. In addition, I did experience bubbles with Beatnick and Up the Ante after applying the top coat. Up the Ante still looked slightly bumpy on day 2 of wear. Such a bummer.

My last complaint about this system is still the dry time. Maybe I need to stick my darn hand under a lamp and see what happens! Or maybe I'm expecting too much? BUT I don't enjoy waiting for over an hour for my nails to dry... I went to bed after an hour of waiting for it to dry and I could still dent it in the morning. Thankfully I was able to rub out the dents with my fingertip.

I'm going to try to apply Beatnick again to wear for the rest of this week tomorrow. I'm eager to see if my results are any different than the other 2 polishes in this review. What do y'all think of this system? I'm still slightly disappointed. Maybe Miracle Gel just doesn't get along with me! Have you had any success? Let me know!

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These polishes were sent for review. Others were purchased by me. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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