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MADAM GLAM: Nail Polish Review - BFF, My BF Loves It, & Not Ashamed

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Madam Glam Nail Polish (L->R) BFF,
My BF Loves It, and Not Ashamed

Hi friends! Today I have some nail polishes by Madam Glam to share with you. This brand is vegan, cruelty free, and 5-free. I picked out a few polishes that caught my eye: BFF, My BF Loves It, and Not Ashamed. Oh the story you could tell with those 3 polish names LMAO! Anyways - check out my reviews of these 3 glittery polishes and grab a 40% off discount code after the jump!

Madam Glam BFF
Madam Glam BFF
Madam Glam BFF

BFF is a soft, baby blue creme polish with 2 sizes of matte black hex. Simple mix of colors but so much fun. I will never be over these "speckled" polishes, they're awesome.

I did 2 coats of BFF. The application was great - easy to work with and had nice glitter coverage per coat. Dry time was awesome for this creamy polish. Awesome formula.

Madam Glam Not Ashamed
Madam Glam Not Ashamed
Madam Glam Not Ashamed

Not Ashamed is described as a "brown with holographic glitter" on the website... wondering if this is a mistake? LOL The bottle/dot swatch is a little misleading as well. This wasn't what I was expecting. Not Ashamed is a blackened base with tiny blue and green flakies. No brown... no holographic glitter, not even when I look at the bottle, not sure what's going on. It also dries to a slightly textured finish.

I did 3 coats of Not Ashamed. This polish was easy to apply build up. The coats were a little thin so it made 3 layers easy to work with since dry time was quick. As I said above, without a top coat this dries to a slightly textured, gritty finish.

Still wondering where the brown or holographic description falls into play LOL. Not really thrilled about this misleading description.

Madam Glam My BF Loves It
Madam Glam My BF Loves It
Madam Glam My BF Loves It

My BF Loves It is described as a "brick-red glitter". Brick red... sure, Madam Glam. These descriptions are making me feel newly color blind. My BF Loves It is a dark purple with shimmery gold and purple micro flakies (which look AWESOME under a macro lens). I'm wearing this on my nails right now, totally not a brick red in any light I've walked into for the past 3 days LOL. (Also, great wear so far on day #3) Like Not Ashamed, this one is slightly textured.

I did 2 coats of My BF Loves It. This polish was easy to apply but the formula was on the thicker side. Dry time was great, didn't give me any issues. This polish also dried slightly textured without top coat. I am currently wearing it with top coat, Seche Vite, and I can still feel a little bit of texture. Double up your top coat for a smoother finish.

Disappointed in the misleading description once again... At least for this one the website photos don't represent "brick red" at all. But not all the polishes have blogger swatches so you might be quite surprised if you buy one sans swatch photos.

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Price: $10.95 (regular nail polish)
Where to Find: Website
Coupon Code: BFLaceandlacquers - 40% off

It's always nice to add another cruelty free brand to this list! I think this brand has a lot of nice options for colors and finishes. However, I am a little bummed out about the description accuracy for some of the polishes. (They do offer free exchanges and returns if you're not a fan of the polish you receive)

I can't complain about the formulas or dry times of these polishes - they all were awesome.If you're interested in giving Madam Glam polishes a try, they're offering special access to Black Friday deals for my readers! Use code BFLaceandlacquers for 40% off your order.

If you're interested in their gel line, I'll have that review up shortly :]

Love ya!
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