Friday, November 13, 2015

NAIL ART CLUB: "Nail Art Wraps with a Purpose" - The Galaxy Collection Review

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Nail Art Club wraps "Nail Art Wraps with a Purpose"
The Galaxy Collection

Hey there! Today I have some nail wraps from Nail Art Club to share with you. I feel like I have a never ending battle with nail wrap/stickers and my nail shape so I was totally up for reviewing! Another reason I was excited to review these nail wraps is that they donate 20% of each nail wrap kit to various non-profits that benefit the betterment of women. Super easy, pretty nail designs and doing a little good in the world - how awesome is that? Check them out after the jump!

Nail Art Club wrap directions

These wraps are super easy to apply. If you've applied other nail wraps/stickers before, the process is pretty damn similar.

1) Clean and file your nails. Base coat is optional.
2) Find which wrap fits your nails the best.
3) Remove the top plastic and peel wrap off the sheet.
4) Place the rounded side at the base of your nail. Then smooth the wrap down and around your nail.
5) File the excess wrap off using a nail file while filing in a downward motion. Apply top coat if your heart desires.

See, easy peasy!

Nail Art Club wraps - The Galaxy Collection

These are the designs I received: Some shooting stars, a light grey creme finish, and some badass galaxy space printed wraps. A fun mix of designs that are super easy to mix and match. I flipped through their Facebook and they do a great job of pairing wrap sets so they can be mixed and matched, or worn alone of course!

Nail Art Club wraps after application
(The Galaxy Collection)

Here are the wraps after application. I was pleased at how flexible and easy to adhere these wraps were. (After a hardcore fail of some personalized wraps a few months ago, this was a NICE change). My nails curve dramatically across and down my nail, if that makes sense... because of this most wraps either aren't the right size, stretch out, lift up, fold/buckle. These applied nice and smoothly with zero drastic folds or anything!

You can see some tiny puckering along the sides of my nails. That's an easy fix with some acetone and a cleanup brush :]

I really like how the wraps have measurements labeled at the base of the wrap. It makes it easy to know which wrap to use for the other hand without having to spend more time sizing them. 

I later decided I disliked the random grey nail LOL it was a nice idea in my head, y'all... I replaced it with another galaxy wrap.

Nail Art Club wraps applied, cleaned, and top coated

Here are my nails after "clean up" and top coat.  See, it was super easy to get rid of those small folds! It's like they were never even there :] The top coat really seals the deal (HA HA HA HA....)  and really gives these wraps a more polished look (LOL SOMEONE STOP ME). I did 2 coats of top coat and focused on "wrapping" my tips to ensure the wraps didn't lift with wear.

Nail Art Club wraps after 5 days of wear

The above photograph of my nails which are attached to my hand phalanges are the wraps after 5 days of wear. Wear which includes hair washing x2, multiple showers, multiple hand washes, and general everyday using my fingers and nails. I'll let you be the judge of the wear.

I'd also like to add that there was no lifting at the base of the nail/wrap.

Nail Art Club

Nail Art Club currently has a Kickstarter campaign. Check out the campaign perks, wraps, more details about their subscription service, and their charity donations by visiting the campaign - HERE! They do a great job of covering all the ins and outs of this company and their product. Tracie is super nice and I'm sure she'll be able to help you with any questions you might have :]

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Price: 3 Wrap Kit- $20/mo, 1 Wrap Kit $10/mo - Subscription Info

I really enjoyed how quick and easy these wraps were to apply. The quality is gorgeous, as you can tell. They saved me lots of time on a night before work without naked nails! I've received tons of compliments on these wraps, even on the 5th day haha. I was happy to tell people "NO, they aren't Jamberry wraps" and share this company with them. ;]

These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. Hi Lacey! Those look great! I just tried my first nail wraps today at a friend's Jamberry party. I had a hard time getting them to wrap well without puckers too. How would you compare these to Jamberrys?

    1. I hate jamberry wraps lol. These are so much easier to work with and apply, more flexible, and way less complicated application!

    2. True, no heating required, right? (I just bought 2 sets, a friend and I split them.) Have you tried other wraps that you do like? I like the idea of their wraps but don't want a subscription service.

    3. Nope! No heating required :) I do enjoy Incoco and Sally Hansen nail wraps.

      I've been getting emails from Scratch nail wraps, I've heard good things about those too, but I've never tried them.


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