Wednesday, January 6, 2016

BORN PRETTY STORE: Diecut Nail Art Stencils... #NAILARTFAIL?

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Born Pretty Store Diecut Nail Art Stencils (NS08) $2.00

I was sent a set of these diecut nail art stencils from BornPrettyStore in style NS08. There are 9 different stencil sets available to choose from. Each set comes with 10 vinyl stencils, one for every nail! Check out my thoughts on this product after the jump. Was this a practical nail art tool or a #nailartfail?

Born Pretty Store Diecut Nail Art Stencils over Zoya Belinda
Born Pretty Store Diecut Nail Art Stencils over Zoya Belinda

For this manicure, I used Zoya Belinda as the base along with a gradient of Color Club Diggin' the Dancing Queen, and Wet n Wild Careful It's Vine-tage. I really like how all these purples looked together! The purple polish obsession continues into 2016!

Onto the review of the stencils: As you can see this manicure wasn't perfect by any means. This manicure was my 2nd attempt to see if I could get the designs to come out clearer. Sadly, this was the best I could do (my sister liked how this looked though LOL!).

The diecut vinyl stencils didn't lay flat against my nails. There was a lot of puckering going on with the larger full polka dot design (thumb, middle, pinky), which is what caused the unclear design. I ran into the same issues with the circle design on my ring finger. In addition, the full polka dot design was somewhat hard to fit because my nail was wider than the width of the pattern.

On the positive side, I really did like the design that was on my pointer finger :) I ended up wearing this mani for 2 days. I used 5 stencils for both hands, reusing them on my right hand, so you could totally get 2 full manis out of these stencils!

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Soooooo... this nail art product was a fail (in my book) for me this time. You win some, you lose some! Worth a shot for $2 though.

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  1. Purple polish obsession = awesome! I don't think the nail art is a total fail, but I understand the vinyls weren't perfect...

    1. YAY PURPLE! :) Not a total fail, but definitely could of been better in comparison to other vinyl stencils out there!

  2. Hmm.. I don't think I'm a fan of the stencils.. but your colors are definitely an A+

  3. I also like colours, but not the effect. will hold on to nail vinyls


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