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ZOYA: Spring 2017 Charming Collection [Jordan, Lacey, Amira, Abby, Tina, & Millie]

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Zoya Charming Collection
[L->R] Jordan,  Lacey, Amira, Abby, Tina, and Millie
Spring is here and so is the Zoya Charming Collection! I love when I get the spring collection from Zoya in the mail because I know that COLOR is on its way for the rest of the year :] This collection features a mix of creme and micro-sparkle finishes. Check out the 6 new polishes after the jump!

Zoya Jordan

First up, Zoya Jordan. Jordan is a "soft blossom pink creme". This is your classic pink creme polish. I feel like (although I hate pink) this is a classic color I always reach for when I can't choose a color to wear. It looks great on everyone and always looks fun but clean. I did 3 coats of Jordan. It was nice and smooth to apply Probably could of got away with 2 coats if my nails were shorter. The dry time was great and didn't give me any issues. 

Zoya Abby

Abby is a "light lavender creme" polish. This is a nice soft shade of purple and an awesome color for spring! I can see this being a great color for an Easter themed manicure. I feel like this is another polish that would look awesome on any skin tone. I did 3 coats of Abby. It didn't give me any application issue. It had a nice smooth and even application and the dry time wasn't an issue either. Love Zoya cremes!

Zoya Tina

Tina is a "medium amethyst creme". This polish is one of my favorite shades of purple creme polish! This is a nice polish to wear year-round if you're looking for something different and really wanting some color. I did 2 coats of Tina. It had a nice smooth and opaque formula. No issues to report with this one!

Zoya Millie
Zoya Millie

Millie is a "dewy violet micro-sparkle". The sparkles are bright blue-purple, gold, and fuchsia pink. Not a huge fan of this shade of violet polish, but the macro of the sparkles almost changes my mind haha. All the micro-sparkles in this polish almost gives it a metallic sheen. I did 3 coats of Millie. It was nice and smooth to apply. The coats seemed sheer but built up very easily. No issues with dry time!

Zoya Amira
Zoya Amira

Amira is a "soft, dewy blue micro-sparkle". A nice cool blue polish packed with tons of gold micro-flakies *melts*. I love this one so much! I wore it for a week and kept catching myself admiring it haha. I did 3 coats of Amira. It was super easy to build up this formula and it was had a nice smooth formula. Dry time was awesome because I fell asleep 20 minutes after applying it for the week and woke up with no sheet marks LOL

Zoya Lacey
Zoya Lacey

Last, but certainly not least, the polish we've all been waiting for: Zoya LACEY, a "light, dewy green micro-sparkle". Not the shade of polish I would have picked for my name, but I'm just happy its not a nude LOL :P  This is a light green with bright green and gold micro flakies that cast off light to create a near metallic look. I did 3 coats of Lacey. Again, this micro-sparkle formula builds up very nicely from it's initial sheer coat. Dry time was great, similar to Millie but not as quick as Amira haha.

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Price: $10 each / $60 6-polish Collection
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

There is a new lipstick that was launched with the Charming Collection - Violette. I'd "hopefully" mention swatching this one, and then hardcore fail at actually doing it... but my dog destroyed this lipstick LOL :-\

My favorite polishes from this collection are Amira and Abby. The gold mico-sparkle in Amira and the cool purple color of Abby are hard to resist.Which one is calling your name??

Happy Spring!
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  1. I feel like Tina or Amira should have been the Lacey! :) Great swatches, as always!


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