Thursday, June 29, 2017

ZOYA: Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection PART 1 [Scout, Arbor, Sawyer, Journey, Sonja, & Cora]

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Zoya Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection
Top: Scout, Arbor, Sawyer - Bottom: Journey, Sonja, Cora

Hi there! Long time no swatch :P Today I have half of the Wanderlust Collection from Zoya. This collection is made up of twelve bright summer colors. In this half of the collection I have some of the red, pink, orange and green shades in cream and shimmer finishes. Check them out after the jump!

Zoya Journey
Zoya Journey

Journey is a "shimmering strawberry red". This is a nice bright, shimmery color ready for warm weather! This polish is packed with tons of tiny micro flakies. I did 3 coats of Journey. I probably could of done 2 coats of my nails were shorter.

Zoya Sonja
Sonja is a "summery crimson red cream". These are my favorite types of colors to wear in the summer, reds that make you question if it's red or pink haha. I wore this for a week and I LOVED it. I did 1 coat of Sonja. The formula was on the thick side, but was still very easy to work with.

Note, this is kind of a pain in the butt to remove, it really sticks to your cuticles. A little scrubbing was required, but I don't regret wearing this one at all!

Zoya Cora

Cora is a "muted coral cream". This coral is a more on the orange side than the pink side. I like that is a bright coral though, makes it more fun! I did 2 coats of Cora.

Zoya Sawyer

Sawyer is a "soft taffy orange cream". This reminds me of peach ice cream haha. Not a big fan of this color on me, really brings out the redness in my skin. It is a fun and unique summer color though. In this photo, I applied 2 coats of Sawyer.

Zoya Arbor

Arbor is a "rich olive green cream". This is such a great shade of green! I like that this shade of olive isn't too yellow. I want to wear this one soon, but to be honest I want to wear most of this collection soon :P I did 2 coats of Arbor.

Zoya Scout
Zoya Scout

Last but not least, my dog's namesake LOL, Scout is a "shimmering moss green". I don't like this one on me, in fact I'm actually unsure if I like it at all. It reminds me of shimmery split pea soup. I did 2 coats of Scout, no issues with application.

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And there's the first half of the Wanderlust Collection swatched! Hands down, Sonja is my favorite out of these 6 polishes. I'll have the next set of 6 swatched soon, be sure to check back in a few days.

Happy Summer!
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