Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ZOYA: Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection PART 2 [Mandy, Lois ,River, Winnie, Esty, & Byrdie]

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Zoya Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection
Top: Mandy, Lois, River - Bottom:  Winnie, Esty, Byrdie

Hey guys! Today I have Part II of the Zoya Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection to share with you. This half of the review consists mostly of pink, purple, and blue. If you'd like to see Part 1 of my review, click here! Otherwise, check out these 6 polishes after the jump :]

Zoya Winnie

Winnie is a "soft watermelon pink cream". This is the perfect bright pink cream polish to ring in the summer! Love lighter hot pinks as pedicures when the weather gets warmer. I did 2 coats of Winnie, nice application with no issues.

Zoya Esty

Next up is Esty, a "rich bubble gum pink cream". Not really wowed by this one, but it's a nice classic pink polish. I did 3 coats of Esty. This polish wasn't a fan of the ridges in my nails, so it required an additional coat. No problems with dry time though.

Zoya Byrdie

Byrdie is a "muted fuchsia pink cream". Again, not another polish from that collection that impresses me. However, I'm glad that it's a little bit brighter than Esty (above). I did 2 nice and easy coats of Byrdie, no problems.

L->R Zoya Byrdie, Esty, and Winnie

Here's a quick comparison of the pink cream polishes in the Wanderlust collection. To be honest, I think this was a little bit of overkill in the pink department. These polishes are pretty similar. If I were to buy this collection, I'd save myself some money and mayyyybeee only buy one pink polish... I feel like if you're a polish collector, you probably have pretty similar pinks in your collection.

Zoya Mandy

Zoya Mandy

Mandy is a "shimmering berry pink".  This is a super pretty shimmer polish. I'm not usually drawn to similar shimmer polishes, but I really like this one! Maybe I'm just happy to see if after a bunch of pink cream polishes LOL. I did 2 coats of Mandy. I was pleasantly surprised I didn't need 3 coats.

Zoya Lois

Lois is a "rich magenta violet cream". I like how pigmented and bright this purple is! I wasn't expecting to like this purple so much looking at the bottle, but once it was on my nails I was super happy with the results. I did 2 quick and easy coats of Lois, application was great.

Zoya River

Zoya River

River is a "shimmering cobalt blue." I love this shade of blue with the bright blue shimmer running through it. Looks like a nice, cool refreshing swimming pool! I did 2 coats of River, no issues with the application or clean up.

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I'll have to go with Lois and River for my top polishes out of this half of the collection. I'm still disappointed the 3 pinks were so similar! Oh well, guess this is the perfect set if you love pink :P

Happy Summer!
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