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INFLUENSTER: Oasis VoxBox [Ft. Evolution Fresh, Eva NYC, Vera Wang, Aloha, CoverGirl, & Welch's]

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Influenster Oasis VoxBox

Hi guys! I'm sharing the Oasis VoxBox with y'all today. This is a fun summer themed review box I received from Influenster to review. In this box were items from Evolution Fresh, CoverGirl Eva NYC, Welch's, Aloha, and Vera Wang. Check out my review of each item after the jump!

Evolution Fresh - Smooth Greens & Kale ($2.99+ per 15.2 oz bottle)

I've had quite a few green juices in my day. Can't tell you the last time I picked up an Evolution Fresh juice, but I was excited to see this coupon! Evolution fresh is a brand of cold-pressed juice using fruits and veggies that make their juices nutritious and satisfying.

I'm not a hardcore green juicer who likes all the grass tastin' stuff, I prefer my greens to be mixed with fruits. The juice I chose was the Smooth Greens & Kale, which has: cucumber, pineapple, spinach, romaine, apple, kale, mango, and mint. This is quite a smooth juice, it's very easy to finish. I enjoyed how fresh and refreshing it was.  It starts off sweet and fruity and finishes with a strong cucumber flavor (I feel like I'm describing beer LOL!). I'd recommenced it, I'd buy it again!

Do note, each container is 2 servings. I have to remind myself that or I'll suck down the whole thing! If greens aren't your juice of choice, they have many others to chose from! I have my eye on that watermelon and lemon one!

Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer ($15+ per 6 oz bottle)

This hair primer is meant to applied to damp hair prior to detangling or styling. This product does a ton of things for your hair - including: detangle, nourish, strengthen, soften, decrease dry time, add shine, reduce frizz, and protect against damage.

I've only recently learned that hair primer is a "thing". I'm not so sure if this product decreased dry time for me (I air dry only and my hair is like a damn sponge, I swear!), but it did make my hair shiny and silky smooth! I'm hoping it does protect my hair against heat damage, crossing my fingers! It smells really good but the smell didn't stick in my hair after drying. So far I enjoy this product, I do plan on finishing the sample up before deciding if I'd like to purchase the 6 oz bottle.

9/8/17 Edit// Washed my hair last night, applied a crap and a half ton of the Mane Magic. I take back what I said about cutting down dry time haha. I woke up to TOTALLY dry hair, all the way down to my roots, for once in my life. I'm in shock.

Vera Wang Embrace Fragrance ($29.99+ per 1 oz bottle)

I received 2 different fragrances from the Embrace Collection. I'm curious as to if the full size fragrances last longer on the skin than these samples. After 2 hours I couldn't even smell it on my wrists. Both of the fragrances were very pleasant and not overpowering, which is greatly appreciated.

Embrace Rose Buds and Vanilla - "a floral oriental fragrance blending the rich floralcy of rose buds and creamy vanilla with elegant notes of mandarin oil and sweet Mongolia". This perfume is very heavily rose scented. Although it's more fresh smelling than most rose scented perfumes. I want to like it but the rose overpowers the entire fragrance. This one is a bit more mature than the other sample I received.

Embrace Periwinkle and Iris - "a floral gourmand fragrance blending sparkling notes of violet petals with the comfort of whipped sugar and a tender touch of periwinkle and iris". If you have ever sniffed Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods, this is very similar in scent. It's quite a sweet fragrance but very unique and warm at the same time. I'd have to choose this one over the pink Embrace perfume.

Aloha Protein Bar in Mocha ($2.50+ per 1.9 oz bar)

This is a plant based protein bar with 14 grams of plant based protein. Aloha bars are also vegan, organic and  grain, soy, dairy, and stevia free. I received the Mocha version, but they also have 5 other flavors to choose from. While I enjoyed the mocha flavor of this bar, the consistency wasn't my favorite. It was so dry it made it difficult to finish. Wouldn't try it again, but if you're in the market for a plant based protein bar give it a shot!

Next up is CoverGirl's Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation. I really like the fact that this foundation has SPF 20, I'll take all the anti-aging I can get ;] This foundation is meant to deliver hydration all day long. The finish in between matte and radiant for a natural look.  

I received the shade #705 in Ivory. Sadly, this shade is about 2-3 shades too light for me. I tried to wear it for all day but it made me look like a ghost! I used a beauty blender to apply this foundation, it went on very nice and creamy. I have super dry skin, which makes me want to go buy the right shade to see if this delivers the hydration is promises!

Welch's Fruit Rolls ($2.99+ per box)

"Healthy" candy? Don't mind if I do! Haha (I know it's not super healthy, don't come for me!) These Fruit Rolls are a new snack from Welch's. Each roll have fruit as the ingredient and delivers 100% of the daily recommenced vitamin C. The flavors were really yummy! I thought Strawberry would be my favorite, but I really enjoyed the Tropical Punch. Mixed Berry wasn't bad, I'm just not a fan of mixed berry favors. In addition to the 3 flavors I received, they also have a White Grape flavor.

BRAND INFORMATIONEvolution Fresh | Eva NYC | Vera Wang | Aloha | CoverGirl | Welch's

Hope you found something new to try out! I really enjoyed all of the products in this box. I probably liked the Fruit Rolls the most bahahaha.

If you are interested in learning more about these brands and their products, please visit the links I have provided under the brand information box above!

These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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