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ZOYA: Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection PART 1 [Beth, Presley, Joni, McKenna, Hera, & Padma]

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Zoya Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection
Top: Beth, Presley, Joni - Bottom: McKenna Hera, Padma
Hey there! Today I have Part I of the Zoya Fall 2017 Sophisticates Collection to share with you. This half of the collection is composed of the lighter neutral, pink, and purple shades. I was super stoked with I saw these colors. While I love deep Fall shades, I was excited to see a few mauves. Check out my swatch/review after the jump!
Zoya Beth
Zoya Beth

Beth is a "soft, sandy, champagne metallic". Not a color for me, but check out that macro! I found it to be a little on the streaky side, but the shimmer in it camouflages it a bit. I did 3 coats of Beth. If my nails were shorter I feel like I could have done 2 coats. No issues with the application, smooth and easy to build up.

Zoya Presley

Presley is a "smokey, mauve taupe cream" polish. I really like this color. It's quite unique! It's like taupe-y but purple-y at the same time. Might be a Fall Collection color, but I can totally see this being a year-round color. I did 2 coats of Presley. No issues with application or dry time.

Zoya Joni

Joni is a  "deep, dusty plum cream". Yup, totally a color I think of when I think of Fall nail polish! I love these type of dark dusty cream polishes as the weather gets cooler. Not too dark, but still interesting and almost mysterious. I did 2 coats of Joni. Again, another awesome cream polish with an awesome formula. No complaints.

Zoya McKenna

Zoya describes McKenna is a "refined pearl in a soft almond". It does have a very, very soft pearl-like shimmer to it. (Too soft form my macro lens to capture) I'm not a fan of this polish. It reminds me of wood putty or something haha. Not my cup of tea, but then again I don't like nude types of shades. I did 3 coats of McKenna. It was a little on the thick side but it didn't make application too difficult.

Zoya Hera

Hera is a "muted, red mauve cream". I feel like this one leans towards one of those dusty rose shades, just darker than the ones we usually see. I really enjoy this color! Another nice polish that will wear well year-round. I did 2 cots of Hera. Not an issue with this one either. It had a nice smooth application with a great dry time.

Zoya Padma

Last but not least, Zoya Padma is a "deep, vermillion red cream".  This polish reminds me of slighttttly darker version of Pure Ice Rumors, which I swatched earlier this Spring. Another perfect color that reminds me of the Fall. I'm totally going to wear this one a few times this year! I did 2 coats of Padma. No complaints to report, nice application.

Zoya Padma (left nail) VS Zoya Hera (right nail)
Padma and Hera look quite similar in their bottles. The difference is more apparent once you get them on your nails, see above photo comparison.

Gradient using Zoya Joni and Hera and Caption Design Plate #5

I couldn't resist playing with these colors! I did a subtle gradient using Joni and Hera. To make it more interesting I stamped on some polka dots using Joni and Caption's Design Plate #5. I think i came out pretty cool. This is the first time I've done a stamp faded into a gradient, I'll probably use a more complex design next time to make it worth my time haha.

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Out of this half of the collection, my favorite polishes are Presley and Padma. That was hard to choose because aside from the 2 lighter colors, I really enjoyed the colors! Stay tuned for my Part 2 review next week :]

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