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CHINA GLAZE: OMG! Flashblack Collection [TTYL, BFF, IDK, OMG, 2NITE, & DV8]

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China Glaze OMG! Flashblack Collection

For the 10th anniversary of one of China Glaze's most popular holographic polish collections, they have brought them back in the OMG! Flashback Collection. It's hard to contain excitement when it comes to this collection! Thanks to The Beauty Clutch, I have all 6 prismatic holo polishes to share with you today!

China Glaze TTYL
China Glaze TTYL, direct sunlight
TTYL is a warm pink-peach holographic polish. China Glaze describes TTYL as a red holo, but I don't see much red. I can kinnnndddd of see some red in the sunlight but I wouldn't classify it as a red polish. I did 2 coats of TTYL. Nice smooth application, no issues.

China Glaze BFF
China Glaze BFF, direct sunlight
Next, BFF is a magenta pink holo polish. I have quite a few indie polishes similar to this shade but it never gets old haha. This is a great polish to wear if you're required to wear a more conservative shade of polish at work. In the office it looks like a basic pink but on your lunch break it's a gorgeous holo! :D I did 2 coats of BFF. Again, great application and a quick drying formula.  

China Glaze IDK
China Glaze IDK, direct sunlight
IDK is a muted Purple holographic polish. Such a pretty shade of purple in the shade, but holy crap does it come alive in the sunlight. So pretty! I again did 2 coats of IDK. No issues with the application, nice and easy to apply and build up to opacity.

China Glaze OMG
China Glaze OMG, direct sunlight
OMG (the collection namesake and the most sought after) is a bright, clean, light silver linear holo. Holy canoli! This polish DELIVERS in the sunlight.  It's been awhile since I've purchased a holographic polish, but I don't think I have one that looks this amazing in the sunlight. I did 3 coats of OMG. The formula was on the thin side but still easy to apply with no issues drying

China Glaze 2NITE
China Glaze 2NITE, direct sunlight
2NITE is a “deep periwinkle blue”. A polish after my own heart, combining my two favorite things: blue polish and holographic awesomeness! Besides being beautiful because it is a holo, it's a beautiful shade of blue. I think this one is my favorite :] I did 2 coats of 2NITE. Applied fantastically just like the other polishes in addition to a great dry time.

China Glaze DV8
China Glaze DV8, direct sunlight
DV8 is a rich teal blue-green holographic polish. This is without a doubt the most pigmented polish in the collection. It's a lot less muted. I kind of wish the others packed the same type punch when it comes to color. I did 3 coats of DV8, even though I feel like this formula was the thickest. Beware of staining! Someone warned me about the staining so, I did a coat of my usual base coat... I still ran into staining after wearing DV8 for only 20 minutes. Highly recommend 2+ coats of a base coat.

China Glaze OMG, indirect sunlight with top coat
Above is a swatch of OMG in indirect sunlight with top coat. I wore this mani and I can safely say that top coat does not diminish the awesome holographic effect. The wear wasn't as I had hoped. I had major chips and chunks by the 3rd day. I used my usual Duri Rejuvacote and KBShimmer's top coat. Curious if the base coat would make a difference in longevity.

COLLECTION INFORMATIONChina Glaze OMG! Flashback Collection
Price: $7.50 each polish
Where to Find: The Beauty Clutch website

My favorites are OMG (obvi.) and 2NITE. DV8 would have been a favorite if it didn't stain :[ Overall, all the polishes had very easy to work with formulas that dry quickly, and deliver opaque coverage. These are awesome holographic polishes that I’m glad they revived since I never bought the originals. They put the letdown of a collection, Hologlam, to shame LOL!

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Stay sparkly!
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