Tuesday, November 20, 2018

ZOYA: Holiday 2018 Jubilee Collection PART I [Astrid, Leigh, Carson, Taryn, Maxine, & Allison]

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Zoya Holiday 2018 Jubilee Collection
L->R:  Astrid, Leigh, Carson, Taryn, Maxine, and Allison

Hey y'all! Today, I have the first 6 polishes of the Zoya Holiday 2018 Jubilee Collection to share with you.  In this half we have a gold, some neutrals, and some pinks/reds. This years collection features a wide variety of colors and finishes. I really feel like there is something for everyone in this collection. Check out the swatches after the jump below!

 Firstly, I swatched Astrid over each of the polishes in this post so I'd love to introduce her to you!

Astrid is "a liquid gold foil that adds a festive touch to any holiday look". The little gold foils are more like the flakies we are used to seeing from Zoya in iridescent toppers. They are not like the 18k gold flake topper, Gilty, that came out in 2012. It really bings up any polish. I feel like it almost gives off a vintage-y feel. I did 1 coat over each polish below:

Zoya Leigh
Zoya Astrid over Leigh
Leigh is a "winter nude - rich and warm cream with just a hint of pink". Not a polish for me, but there's the swatch. It reminds me of French Vanilla, like a candle or something, for some reason. Zoya's website says Leigh is a nude that compliments any skin tone. Welp, I found one that it doesn't LOL. (Not a jab, Zoya, I'm used to it)

Zoya Carson
Zoya Astrid over Carson
Carson is a "muted nude pink cream". This is my favorite from the entire collection. I've worn this twice on my nails and once as a pedicure. This is a beautifully done dusty pink mauve and I'm loving it. Carson makes my nails look SO elegant when my nails are on the longer side.

Zoya Maxine

Zoya Astrid over Maxine
Maxine is a "rich red cream with an evenly balance undertone". FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC red for the holiday season - hands down winner. Bright and vibrant but classy as hell. I think we all can appreciate a fantastic red cream polish when they come into our lives... even though we all probably have like 50 in our collection LOL! I absolutely welcome Maxine with open arms into my collection.

Zoya Allison

Zoya Astrid over Allison
Allison is a "plum-toned ruby cream", described by Zoya as "a more amped up version of a traditional plum shade". This is a beautiful color! Perfect alternative to a bright red polish during the holidays. I feel like a lot of the plums in my collection are darker and muted, so this is a nice, bright change of pace.

Zoya Taryn

Zoya Astrid over Taryn
Taryn is a "fiery fuchsia micro-iridescent shimmer with blue undertones". Let me be 110% honest here - I totally hated this polish in the bottle, it reminded me of a $1 pink polish I see from a drugstore brand haha. I was totally ready to be like "uuuuuuuughhh THIS pink". But this bright, flashy fuchsia is SO well done and it looks SO awesome. The blue iridescent shimmer and the compliments the brightness of the pink so well.

Price: $10 each
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

Are you feeling in the "holiday mood" after those swatches? :] Carson is my favorite out of the swatches, pure perfection. (remind me I said that come neutral polish season lmao!) That's only 6 of the Jubilee Collection, so if you didn't see something for you - I'll have the rest swatched next week!

OH! ALSO! Although the Holiday 2018 shades are not included in Zoya's upcoming Black Friday sale, I wanted to pass along the sale info with you because it's a GREAT price for some awesome gift sets. These sets are perfect for gift giving or grabbing for yourself! Click here to check out the sale info.

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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