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ZOYA: Holiday 2018 Jubilee Collection PART II [Cookie, Chiara, Danica, Juniper, Kateri, & Leopard Spots Topper]

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Zoya Holiday 2018 Jubilee Collection:
L- >R: Cookie, Chiara, Danica, Juniper,
Kateri, and Leopard Spots Topper
In this post, I am reviewing the 2nd half of the Zoya Holiday 2018 Jubilee Collection! If you missed the first half, click here to take a look. If the pinks and reds were not for you, hopefully this swatch set is more up your alley! Swatch and review after the jump below :]

Let's start the review off with the Leopard Spots Topper. I swatch this topper over each of the polishes in this review, please scroll down if you're interested int hose swatches. This polish features the new Z-wide brush, which is very helpful in applying one even coat polish like this. If you're familiar with crackle nail polish, this topper is very similar.  

Zoya recommends layering over PixieDust polishes for a "spotted" effect. I found this to be true, the spotted effect heavily relies on the textured polish to create the spots. When swatched over a regular polish it comes out more linear, like a regular crackle polish. Not a big fan of this polish, or the look it gives over PixieDust, but then again I wasn't a fan of crackle polishes either. I like to watch the polish separate as it dries but that's about it haha!
Zoya PixieDust Cookie
Zoya PixieDust Cookie
Zoya Leopard Spots Topper over Cookie
Cookie is a "purple PixieDust with gold flecks". This is cool polish. PixieDust already gives the polish dimension and the irregular shaped flecks give it even more dimension (as opposed to a regular round glitter). I think this is a great holiday polish alternative to a typical red or green polish. This would even be great for New Years.

Zoya Chiara
Zoya Leopard Spots Topper over Chiara
Chiara is a "deep purple cream" that was made with rich, jewel tones usually worn during the wintertime. I love this shade of purple. It's on the darker side, but the richness of the shade of purple keeps it from being a blackened shade (like an eggplant or aubergine).  If you enjoy purples, highly recommend this one!

Zoya Danica
Zoya Leopard Spots Topper over Danica
Danica is a "rich, deep teal cream". Zoya says this polish gives off an edgy, yet elegant look - which I agree with. It's great alternative to a typical holiday green.  (Shockingly) I don't think I have anything like this in my collection! It's quite a unique shade of teal, almost forest-y green. Like I feel like if you typically wear black polish, this would also be a nice change without adding too much color.

Zoya Juniper
Zoya Juniper
Zoya Leopard Spots Topper over Juniper
Juniper is a "sparkling teal textured PixieDust" polish. This shade of teal is very similar to Danica, the cream polish swatched above this one. This one has teal round glitter instead of the gold flakes in Cookie. I don't really like this polish, and I like most PixieDust polishes. This one seems a little bulky and looks heavy on the nail to me. I think adding the Leopard Spots Topper tones down some of the bulkiness.

Zoya Kateri
Zoya Leopard Spots Topper over Kateri
Kateri is a "midnight brown cream" that Zoya is calling "the new black". I don't know about it being the new black haha but it is very much a blackend brown shade. I don't love or hate this polish, I just feel like it's quite ordinary (like a basic black cream? haha okay, you got me Zoya!) and not all that exciting. I don't think the topper works with Kateri either, and with top coat the topper pretty much disappears and becomes more subtle. I took a photo of it with top coat, but you couldn't see the color difference haha.

Price: $10 each
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

And that wraps up my swatch/review of the Zoya Holiday 2018 Collection! I think this collection delivers a little something for everyone's taste, which is great for gift giving. What are your thoughts on the Leopard Spots topper? Are you going to grab it or is it not for you?

Speaking of gift giving, Zoya has a few deals that I feel are definitely worthy of passing on if you're not finished shopping yet (or you just need something for yourself):

1) Good until 12/31/18 - Buy 2 get 2 free PixieDust polishes with $3 shipping, or free shipping for orders over $35. If you'd like to see more PixieDust polishes I've swatched - click here!

2) Good until 12/10/18 - 12 Free Z-wide brushes with any $50 purchase, which can be combined with the PixieDust promo!

Happy Holidays!

These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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