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COLOR STREET: Tinseltown Nail Strips Review

Pin It // Jan. 2021 edit: This has been a popular post of mine from month to month since I posted it in 2019. For some reason, me and my ding dong brain was not aware at the time that Color Street is a MLM (multi-level marketing company/network marketing company). I do not support MLM companies and their practices for multiple reasons. While I understand why people (mainly women) sign up to consult... as someone who has been preyed upon by consultants and has interacted with MLMs WAY too much being in the military family community for 10+ years... watching them exploit and destroy women -  MLM companies are just something I can personally support.

If you find these nail strips interesting or worth trying please note: Color Street is owned by a brand named Incoco, which has been around for quite awhile. I reviewed Incoco strips back in 2013: here. From personal experience with Incoco and Color Street labeled brands - THEY ARE identical products, from the strip quality all the way down to the packaging and application instructions. If you for whatever reason are compelled to try these strips and are willing to support the parent company... you can find them at Ulta or Walmart (Walmart sells both Incoco and the brand Coconut Nail Art, which is also by Incoco). Incoco does not sell directly from their website anymore. If you are interested in more trendy/unique nail art type nail strips, I highly recommend SCRATCH nail wraps.

I redacted the consultant's information from my post a few months after posting, but I chose to leave this review up as it is speaking directly about the product itself and it's performance. This is not up for discussion, don't @ me, comments have been turned off.

"Empowered women empower women — and that means supporting our friends but not supporting organizations or companies that exploit them."

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Color Street Tinseltown Nail Strips

I’ve toyed around with the idea post posting or not posting this review for months. I fault myself as prior to accepting the sample, I didn’t do research and had no idea who Color Street was LOL. I know all too well that multilevel/network marketing companies can be a touchy subject. At the end of the day, my blog is here to review products and give my honest thoughts on quality and how those products perform with use

I feel like I’ve tried nearly every nail and nail polish strip/sticker out there. Right on the cusp of my nail polish obsession is when these strips became popular. I was a senior in college and I didn’t have the time or money to spend on manicures. When a long time reader of mine messaged me on Instagram, I was intrigued by these Color Street nail polish strips. 

Color Street offers a wide variety of nail strips. While looking through the catalog college Lacey was in awe of how many colors, finishes, and designs they sell! I was sent a simple, but very sparkly silver glitter set called Tinseltown. I paired it with (an oldie but SUUUUUUUUCH a goody) Revlon Colorstay in Midnight. 

Color Street Tinseltown Nail Strips
paired with Revlon Color Stay Midnight

I was pleased that these glitter strips are nearly 100% opaque! So much easier than layering a ton of glitter.  I needed a quick and easy mani because we were heading out of town. I had spent all the time leading up to the trip cleaning and packing and my nails were a damn mess. A one coat nail polish paired with nail strips sounded like the perfect plan to me since I was pressed for time (and patience).

Color Street Tinseltown Nail Strips
paired with Revlon Color Stay Midnight
Applying these strips isn’t difficult... but it wasn't "stick 'em on and go" super easy. If you’re familiar with applying nail strips, it’s pretty much the same process for these: clean the oils off your nail beds, apply strip and then file to the perfect fit. Do it right, and you'll be rewarded! Haha

Macro of Color Street Tinseltown Nail Strips

The only issue I felt like I ran into was the step it tells you to "gently" stretched the tip to fit. While these are more pliable than other strips, the slight stretch caused the strip to snap. Two out of my 4 strips snapped apart while applying and I don't feel like I was tugging too hard. THANKFULLY, it was glitter nail strip and not a design.

I was able to “repair” it with a few tools I had on hand. I layered the separated part slightly over the part that was already on my nail. Then, I very gently brushed nail polish remover with a small brush to “blend” the seam together. I think it worked pretty darn well! I mean, yeah, if you look closely (especially the tip of the macro shot) you’ll see where the strip broke off. But if anyone looks THAT closely at my dang nail,  I'd flick them in the nose for getting too close to my hand (husband included) haha!

The picture above was after 2 weeks of wear. To give you an idea, the Revlon usually lasts about a week and a half without chips. As much as I love to keep my nails nice looking, I'm not gentle on them at all whatsoever. They held up well through my hair washes, the task of dish washing, re-potting plants, and a dog bath. If they didn’t start lifting at the cuticle area, causing my hair to get stuck under the strip *shudders*, I would have got a longer wear time out of them... despite the nail growth.


The removal process is pretty standard. You can remove these as you would remove regular nail polish. However.... because I'm a rule breaker, I peeled them off my nails because it was the easiest way to remove them since they were starting to separate from the nail haha. 

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These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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