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ZOYA: Spring 2019 Innocence Collection [Agnes, Birch, Fern, Theo, Aire, & Evette]

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Zoya Spring 2019 Innocence Collection:
L→R: Agnes, Birch, Fern, Theo, Aire, and Evette

Uh, yikes! It's been 2 months... 2 long, how are ya! (Insert a myriad of excuses no one cares about here) Cold has gone and the warmth of Spring has arrived since then. Zoya is welcoming spring with a mix of colors and finishes via the Innocence Collection. I'm so happy to share this collection with you, check it out after the jump!

Zoya Agnes
Agnes is a neutral, "warm toned muted blush" pink. You're typical beginning of the year neutral polish from Zoya, but I still love it! The soft blush pink is very delicate, pretty, and a great all year color. I did 2 coats of Agnes. It had a nice full coverage cream formula. Dry time was quite impressive for this lighter shade!

I used the new Z-Wide brushes to apply this polish. I think I really like the new brushes for neutrals like these because sometimes I struggle with getting an even coat and the wide brush really helps me out!

Zoya Birch
Birch is a cool-toned, "gentle greiged lavender" purple cream. I feel like this is the cooler, purple version of Agnes (above). This polish is very crisp, refreshing, and soft - perfect for springtime.  I did 3 coats of Birch, I probably could have done 2 if my ridges weren't in full force right now. Application was great, smooth, easy to work with.

Zoya Aire
Aire is a vibrant, cool-toned, "deep, dusty periwinkle blue" cream polish. Thisssssssssssss blueeee is so damn pretty! The color is very intense and I love it. I did 2 coats of Aire. It was quite an opaque formula but it was super easy to work with. No staining upon removal :]

Zoya Evette
Another bright color! Evette is a cool-toned, "softened grape with a pink undertone to balance". This is my favorite shade of the entire collection. It's such a great electric purple cream. It's the perfect in between polish for spring and summer. I did 2 coats of Evette. It's very similar to Aire's application - opaque, smooth, and very easy to work with.

Zoya Fern
Zoya Fern
Zoya Fern is a "balanced sage with a beautiful warm pearl accent", neutral cream polish. That gold shimmer against the gray-green cream is FANTASTIC. This doesn't work well with my skintone or else I'd say this is hands down my favorite polish from the Innocence collection. Zoya notes this is a pearly finish, which I don't feel like it really gives off a pearl sheen (if you're worried/looking for that). I did 2 coats of Fern. Application was great, opaque, and easy to work with, no complaints!

Zoya Theo
Zoya Theo
Zoya Theo

Last but not least, one of the most unique polishes I've ever seen from Zoya, is Theo: a "stormy grey with subtle texture featuring a flash of larger irregular silver flakies in silver, with dark blue glitter throughout. Like a spring thunderstorm in the night". YOU GO ZOYA! There's a whole lot going on in this polish but I feel like it works so freakin' well. The only thing I wish is that the silver/white flakies were a tad bit smaller as they are hard to get on the brush/nail because they are on the larger side. Otherwise, this polish is very easy to work with and the coverage is great. I did 2 coats of Theo.

Price: $10 each / $60 set
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

This has been a great Spring collection. I think there's a lot of variation in the types of polishes, allowing there to be something for everyone to choose from. I was happy to not see just 6 shimmery spring colors or 6 muted neutrals. A+, Zoya! I'm really happy to see Zoya go out on a limb with Theo and I hope to see more unique polishes like that one. What polish is your favorite from this collection?

Swatch soon (hopefully haha)!
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