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ZOYA: Summer 2020 Splash Collection PART I [Kristie, Harbor, Jessica, Maren, Fisher, & Corinna]

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Zoya Summer 2020 Splash Collection
(TOP) Kristie, Harbor, Jessica
(BOTTOM) Maren, Fisher, & Corinna

Hi there! Today I have half of the Zoya Splash Collection for Summer 2020. This half is packed with some super pigmented creams polishes and gorgeous golden shimmer polishes. It's really hard for me to declare a favorite because these are some great colors!

Check out the swatches after the jump.

Zoya Kristie
Zoya Kristie is a "deep magenta popsicle pink cream". This is a great summery pink shade: Bright, hot, and pigmented. I did 2 coats of Kristie.

Zoya Harbor
Harbor is described as a "a tropical emerald sea green cream". I love color! It's similar to that teal green-blue you often see during the summer. I did 2 coats of Harbor. 

(Note: I highly recommend the use of a base coat while wearing Harbor if you don't normally use one. I had this on for maybe 5-10 minutes and my nails were stained after removing. While it's disappointing, it's not unusual to have staining from highly pigmented blue-green shades.)

Zoya Jessica
Jessica (shocked this polish name hasn't existed in the Zoya world yet!) is "an African violet cream". This is lovely, pigmented, red toned purple. If you love purples, you need this one! I did 2 coats of Jessica.

Zoya Maren
Maren is a "vibrant nautical blue cream". YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! This is an amazing blue shade. Like the other 3 cream polishes, this one is super pigmented an packs a bright, summery punch. I did 2 coats of Maren.

Zoya Fisher
Macro: Zoya Fisher
Fischer is a "sun-kissed seafoam with a stunning gold micro-shimmer". I feel like this is more of a pale light blue than a seafoam, which usually leans more green than blue. The shimmer throughout is so pretty with the reflective microflakies. I did 4 coats of Fisher. It's easy to build up or leave as a sheer 1 coater.

Zoya Corinna
Macro: Zoya Corinna
Corinna is a "naked blush with a kiss of golden sheen, delicate and fresh". So soft and pretty. I really enjoy these blush pink creams from Zoya, but putting some iridescent golden microflakies makes it so much better. I did 4 coats of Corinna. 

Zoya 2 oz Non-Sterile Solution Hand Sanitizer

Last but not least, Zoya included a 2oz bottle of their hand sanitizer. Their sanitizer is a "70% Isopropyl Alcohol Topical Solution including Vitamin E and conditioners to help maintain condition of skin."

I've been using this to stay safe when I play tennis during COVID-19. It's super handy because it's just one quick spray your hands are clean and dry - but not dried out! No need to rub in and wait for your hands to dry like you would Germ-X or Purell. It's been pretty handy for me!

It's $2.99 for the 2 oz spray bottle, $8.50 for 8 oz (which you can choose if you want a spray/pump for this size). Or you can also buy it in Zoya's new Hand Survival Kit. I also use the hydrating serum spray at tennis when the weather gets dry in the winter. When my hands get tooooo dry my racket will slip out my hand, this is also a helpful one and done spray for that issue!

Price: $10 each / $60 per 6 polish Sampler set 
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

There you have it, Part I of the Splash Collection. I love how PACKED with color and pigmented the creams are! I used some of them in my Pride mani. They're great for nail art because you don't have to built them up to get a punch of color. I also love the golden shimmer in Fisher and Corinna and how well it transfers to the nail. The shimmer makes those polishes light and delicate without being "boring".

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