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ZOYA: Summer 2020 Splash Collection PART II [Eclipse, Jodi, Emma, Leilani, Celi, & Greta]

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Zoya Summer 2020 Splash Collection
(TOP) Eclipse, Jodi, Emma
(BOTTOM) Leilani, Celi, and Greta
Hey! Today I have the 2nd part of Zoya's Summer 2020 Splash Collection. This half is packed with more fun bright colors and a glitter topper! If you want to check out the first part of this collection, click here, otherwise check out the swatches of the polishes above after the jump!

Zoya Jodi
Zoya Eclipse over Jodi 
Jodi is "pale ice-cream pink cream". This is a nice, soft light but bright pink. Jodi definitely reminds me of strawberry ice cream (or laffy taffy haha). I did 3 coats of Jodi. I had a hard time getting it to even out and look smooth for some reason. The formula seemed a bit thicker than usual for Zoya's cream formulas. 

Zoya Emma
Zoya Eclipse over Emma
Emma is a "starfish coral cream with a touch of pink undertone". I love this color! It's perfect for summer. I vividly remember owning a shirt this color in like 10th grade, which I think was around the same time Oprah told everyone coral is a color that looks awesome on every woman lmfao (that legit echos in my head any time I see anything in coral). I did 3 coats of Emma.

Zoya Greta
Zoya Eclipse over Greta
Greta is described as a "ripe tomato red cream", which is fitting since I wrote down "Bob the Tomato red" (see: Veggie Tales) in my notes. I was very specific in my tomato example haha. Anyways, as you can see this is a nice and vibrant, bright, glossy, opaque red. I did 2 coats of Greta. Love quick 2 coat reds, adding this to my rotation of reds!

Zoya Leilani
Zoya Eclipse over Leilani
Zoya describes Leilani as a "glistening pink grapefruit with gold micro-shimmer". I'm not sure if I'd agree with the grapefruit descriptor, but okay haha. Regardless, definitely a vibrant, bright pink! The shimmer works very well with this pink. I think I actually prefer it over the red version (below) because it allows the gold to pop more. I did 3 coats of Leilani in this swatch.

Zoya Celi
Zoya Eclipse over Celi
Celi is a "sweet cherry red with gold micro-shimmer". Very similar to Greta, but in a smidge more sheer to allow for depth of the shimmer when layered. This is a great bright red for the summer but will be perfect for the Holiday/Christmas season with that shimmer. I think I actually prefer this one more with the optional glitter top coat than without haha. I did 3 coats of Celi!

Macro Shots:
Top L→R: Eclipse over Jodi, Emma, and Greta
Bottom L→R: Leilani and Celi
Zoya nail polish in Eclipse can best be described as a "glistening silver with holographic rainbow sparkles". Which let me transalte: tiny silver hex mixed with iridescent microflakies and sheer, iridescent hex in blue, purple, pink, and yellow. It's a super fun top coat that will work very well over any polish. 

In the swatches above, I did 1 coat of Eclipse over each color. In the macro shots above, Eclipse over all the cream polishes from this post. I've also included some macro shots of Leilani and Celi if you wanna see the pretty golden shimmer up close!

Zoya Non-Sterile Solution Hand Sanitizer - 2oz

Zoya also sent me a bottle of their hand sanitizer. Their sanitizer is a "70% Isopropyl Alcohol Topical Solution including Vitamin E and conditioners to help maintain condition of skin."

I've been using this to stay safe when I play tennis during COVID-19. It's super handy because it's just one quick spray your hands are clean and dry - but not dried out! No need to rub in and wait for your hands to dry like you would Germ-X or Purell. It's been pretty handy for me!

It's $2.99 for the 2 oz spray bottle, $8.50 for 8 oz (which you can choose if you want a spray/pump for this size). Or you can also buy it in Zoya's new Hand Survival Kit. I also use the hydrating serum spray at tennis when the weather gets dry in the winter. When my hands get tooooo dry my racket will slip out my hand, this is also a helpful one and done spray for that issue!

Price: $10 each / $60 per 6 polish Sampler set 
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator
So there ya have it, the rest of this year's Summer collection from Zoya! I'm really happy about the color selection for this collection, it's so much fun! There were a little too many "neutral" shades in last year's Summer 2019 collection for me, but I'm happy to see they kept the trend of adding a glitter topper to the collection. I think Leilani is my favorite from the entire Splash Collection, it's just so well done! 

Again, if you missed the first half of my Splash Collection swatches you can find it here!

Have a great rest of your week,
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