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ZOYA: Holiday 2020 Intriguing Collection PART II [Nico, Eunice, Regina, Meredith, Nisha, & Koley]

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Zoya Holiday 2020 Intriguing Collection
L→R: Nico, Eunice, Regina,
Meredith, Nisha, and Koley

Hey, y'all! Just popping in to share the last half of the Intriguing Collection. They're having a Black Friday sale that runs until 11/29/20 where you can get the ENTIRE Holiday 2020 Collection for FREE with the purchase of $35+. Click here to check out the sale details, and click here to check out Part I of my Holiday 2020 Collection review. Or, check out Part II after the jump!

Zoya Nico

Macro Lens: Zoya Nico
Zoya Nico "celadon-toned pearl with a touch of silver shimmer". Per the Google machine, celadon is a transparent green jade color. I don't really get any green from this one. It definitely more of a soft gold. I did 3 coats on some nails and 4 coats on others. This polish is very versatile. You can do a quick 1 sheer coat for some nice shimmer, or easily layer it for more of an opaque metallic look.

Zoya Eunice
Eunice is a "chartreuse metallic green". Not a color I'd expect from this collection but it's an interesting choice. I wrote "shimmery pea soup" on my notes lmao... but now I'm looking at it on the screen, I'm getting Grinch vibes! I love the bright gold shimmer though. I did 3 coats of Eunice. (Forgot to take a macro shot, oops.)

Zoya Regina

Macro Lens: Zoya Regina
Regina is described as a "dark emerald green metallic", almost a blackened green. I love this color SO MUCH. Great fall or Holiday green. The green shimmer is so pretty and vibrant when the light hits it from different angles. I did 3 coats of Eunice.

Zoya Nisha

Macro Lens: Zoya Nisha
Nisha is a "deep royal blue-violet metallic". I wrote down, shimmery cobalt blue. I think this would be a fantastic polish to use in a galaxy themed mani! I did 3 coats of Nisha. 

Zoya Koley

Macro Lens: Zoya Koley
Koley is a rich, jewel-toned "metallic ruby pink". In person it seemed like a hot red color that flashed metallic pink when the light hits. I didn't think I'd like this color but it ended up being more visually appealing than I assumed it would be haha. I did 3 coats of Koley.

Zoya Meredith

Macro Lens: Zoya Meredith
Meredith is a "twinkling midnight sapphire blue with an icy light blue shimmer". Look at that macro shot! Tons of micro-flakies to make Meredith shine. It really does look like a dark night sky filled with stars (or what I'd imagine one would look like lmao). That being said it does remind me of a shimmery version of Essie Starry Starry Night, which uses tiny silver hex. I did 3 coats of Meredith.

Price: $10 each / $60 per 6 polish Sampler / $30 per polish trio 
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

I think Nisha, Regina, and Koley are my top picks for this half of the collection... But I honestly really like all these colors. This half has a lot of interesting colors and finishes. I really like what the Intriguing Collection brought to the table for this holiday season! Again, if you want to check out Part I - click here to go to that post šŸ˜Š 

If you (or someone you have in mind for the holidays) love this collection, I definitely would take advantage of the Black Friday deal above. It ends Sunday night! If you need more gift ideas: 
  • Zoya Remove + is the BEST nail polish remover I've ever used. 
  • Zoya has some nice nail polish and lipstick/lip gloss gift sets! I gave one to my brow girl last year with a Starbucks card ☺
  • Z-wide brushes are great gift if you know someone with a ton of Zoya polishes already. 
  • They also have other nifty gifty options like hand lotions, nail treatments, and hand sanitizers. Or just pick up some more polishes, those never disappoint! You can find all my Zoya Collection reviews: here.

Have a great weekend and happy holiday shopping!
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