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ZOYA: Transitional 2020 Naturel 4 Collection [Evelyn, Cami, Barrett, Adeline, Vivan, & Marlowe] & Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat Review

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Zoya Transitional 2020 Naturel 4 Collection
L→R:  Evelyn, Cami, Barrett,
Adeline, Vivan, and Marlowe
It's already that time... time for transitional collections! The Naturel 4 Collection features 5 neutral, mauve-toned creams and a versatile shimmery blue duochrome polish. Zoya has also released a new "Ultra Glossy" top coat. Check out the latest from Zoya after the jump.

Zoya Evelyn
Evelyn is a "soft cool toned blush pink" opaque polish in a cream finish. This is a very, very soft, almost white, shade of pink. I did 4 coats of Evelyn. When I tried 3 coats it was a little patchy, if you have shorter nails 3 coats might work for you.

Zoya Cami
Cami is described as a "pale mauve taupe cream". Very pretty light, muted mauve that leans more pink than it does brown. I did 2 coats of Cami.

Zoya Barrett
Barrett is a muted, "taupe-violet" purple with a cream finish. In this swatch, I did 2 coats of Barrett. 

Zoya Adeline
Zoya describes Adeline as a "deep fig taupe cream". In my notes, I wrote muted, light, raisin purple haha. Fig... raisin... I was close! I did 2 coats of Adeline.

Zoya Vivian
Vivian is a "dusty grape cream". I'd say that description is pretty spot on. Out of the 3 purple cream polishes in this collection, this one is the most purple. I did 3 coats of Vivian.

Zoya Marlowe
Macro Shot: Zoya Marlowe
Last but not least from the Naturel 4 Collection is Marlowe, "a duo-chrome with a rose-gold shimmer and slate-blue base". Obviously, the most visually interesting polish in the collection. Look at the colors in that macro shot! 

Zoya says this can be worn alone, which I did here in 4 coats (shorter nails might be fine with 3 coats), or layered over another color. It didn't occur to me to layer it, but if you were to layer I feel like it would transform the color of whatever base polish you are using.

Zoya Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat
Also released with this collection is the new, Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat. Zoya has added a revolutionary twist to the classic top coat formula. It delivers "the highest shine, fastest dry time and longest wear never before possible from traditional top coats". it is also "oxygen (air) activated formula doesn't require LED lamps or UV rays to work and can be used in any setting". Super conveniently, it includes a Z-Wide Brush, so if you're a fan of that brush you don't have to buy a replacement!

Suggested use for this top coat is: "After applying 1-2 coats of the Zoya nail polish of your choice, apply one even layer of the Ultra Glossy Seal to the nail plate. For an even faster drying process, use Zoya Fast Drops on top".

Zoya Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat
over Cami, Barrett, Adeline, and Vivian
I did 1 coat of the Naked Manicure Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat over Cami, Barrett, Adeline, and Vivian. In my opinion I experienced a similar dry time as the regular Zoya Armor Top Coat. 

There wasn't a suggested "wait" time as when to apply Ultra Glossy Seal over nail polish. I applied the polish to my nails, waiting a few seconds between coats, following with the top coat shortly after the last coat.

I'd say it probably takes about 10-15 minutes to be dry to the touch. It was still "dentable". I don't specifically have the Zoya Fast Drops they recommend to use, but I do own Qtica's Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator Drops, which I assume works similarly (and is AMAZING). After applying the drops all my nails were 100% dry, not able to be dented, except for Cami for some reason.

All that to say: While The Ultra Glossy Seal Top Coat dries relatively quickly... I don't fee like I would put it in the category of Seche Vite's Fast Dry top coat. On the other hand, it does not shrink polish like Seche can sometimes.

(Edited 12/23/20 to add: I do not suggest using this top coat for nail art applied with cream finish polishes. Unfortunately, it smears the art really bad to the point of ruining it.)

Price: Nail Polish $10 each / $60 per 6 polish Sampler
           Naked Manicure Top Coat: $15 each / $90 6-pack (intro price)
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

My top picks for this collection are Cami and Barrett. I usually don't look forward to Transitonal collections, because they're usually filled with beigey "nude" creams, but this collection made me happy because I'm a sucker for mauve nail polish haha. 

This is the 4th Collection of the Naturel Transitional polishes from Zoya. If you'd like to check out the other 3 I've swatched and reviewed: click here!

I think most of us can agree it's time to transition into a new year haha some soft shades from Zoya will help us get there! 

Happy Holidays,
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