Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lace & Lacquers' November 2013 Favorites

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Let's try something new :]

Lacey's November Favorites!

~ Dollish Polish Drop Your Sword:

~ I Love Nail Polish Befringence:

~ Julep Valerie:

~ Rainbow Honey Diamond Dust:

~ The Hungry Asian Who Needs Diamonds:

~ You Polish Snow Mouse:

~ Super Chic Lacquer/Wonder Beauty Products Morphomas:

~ Square Hue Nantucket from 11/13:

~ Rainbow Honey Ultimate Weapon:

~ Julep Ciara:


  1. Very fun idea, I really liked it!

  2. Fun video! If you like the dollish pollish I suggest you look into Emily De Molly Pryite. It is my favourite polish right now and a very interesting grey with glitter.

    1. Oooh! I'll have to look into that one. Thanks!

  3. Ermagerd I always forget you love the same colors I love. I LOVE YOU. This is awesome. I need to go get Julep Valerie and probably everything else in this video. Please do this every month, I love videos like this!

  4. Thanks for including me, I love your voice! Will you read me bedtime stories? You are just too adorable, I hope you make more videos!


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