Friday, December 6, 2013

NAILETTE: Subscription Box [Orly Royal Velvet & O.P.I Magazine Cover Mouse]

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Nailette Subscription Box (Bold and Edgy)
Orly Royal Velvet & O.P.I Magazine Cover Mouse

Howdy and Happy Friday! Today I'm excited to share with you a new US nail polish subscription service called Nailette! Unlike other nail polish sub boxes I've seen, these have mainstream polishes. After the jump I have the swatches of the 2 I received and a little overview of the sub box!

Nailette Sub Box

Nailette offers a subscription of mini nail polishes from Essie, O.P.I. and Orly. You can choose from either 2 mini polishes for $7.99/mo or 3 mini polishes for $10.99/mo. Nailette brings you a choice of 3 nail polish styles:
  • Simple and Subtle
  • Sophisticated and Classy
  • Bold and Edgy. 
Can't choose just one? Choose "I Like To Mix It Up!" You can see examples of the styles on the website. What I also like about this sub box, is you can choose your style to match your skin tone as well!

I bet you're wondering - why the mini polishes? I personally am not a fan of mini polishes, but I know some people are and I can understand why. As Nailette's website states: "we believe that your money is best spent on more colors, not unused polish".

Onto my polishes!

Orly Royal Velvet
Orly Royal Velvet
Orly Royal Velvet
Orly Royal Velvet
Orly Royal Velvet, direct sunlight

I kinda "lol"ed when I saw this polish, I've given it as a gift and in giveaways. I've always wanted to try it for myself, but never did! :P NOW I finally got to try Orly Royal Velvet, a "deep purple blue shimmer". And oh my stars how it comes to life in the sun! The duochrome isn't very obvious, but that's okay - it's there.

I did 2 coats of Orly Royal Velvet, no top coat. It ended up being a lot more opaque than I thought it would be. It didn't give me any issues with application or dry time.

O.P.I. Magazine Cover Mouse
O.P.I. Magazine Cover Mouse
O.P.I. Magazine Cover Mouse
O.P.I. Magazine Cover Mouse, direct sunlight
O.P.I. Magazine Cover Mouse, with top coat
O.P.I. Magazine Cover Mouse
O.P.I. Magazine Cover Mouse is a Liquid Sand polish! Magazine Cover Mouse is a medium red shade with pink and gold shimmer in it. It's a really pretty color! The gold and pink shimmer really make this polish awesome and brings the textured polish to life.

I did 2 coats of Magazine Cover Mouse, with no top coat and then 1 coat of AGO Top Coat. It didn't give me any application issues, I haven't ran into any with the Liquid Sand polishes. The dry time was also good when you wait between coats to allow for dry time :]

I think Nailette is a neat little sub box. It's a nice way to try out some of the top brands without having to totally commit to an entire bottle of polishes. In the end, it's not for me because I do not like mini polishes, but this would be great for someone who does like them! Heck, it would make a cute gift, too!

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Price: $7.99 - $10.99
Where to Find: Website

See ya Monday!
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