Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh NOOOO! [Essie, Zoya & Hard as Hoof]

Pin It I know I was promising the rest of my haul's swatches...

...Unfortunately my MacBook's charger has gone to Apple Heaven. No clue why it stopped working, it's been putting up a good fight though for a few months - thanks Scout for the bite marks! So, I can't get one until the 1st (Payday) Sooo I can't get the swatches from my computer until then. I'm stuck on Husband's HUGE 18" Asus WINDOZE computer for now.

With this disappointing and depressing news haha, I leave you with Zoya Cola:

What an awkward little redish-brown shade this is! BUT I LIKE IT! It reminds me of Dr. Pepper actually. The application was good, it took about 2 coats to make opaque and took a little bit longer than usual to dry with Seche. I think it's similar to China Glaze Brownstone from the 2011 Metro Collection.

I don't know if it's because I changed basecoats (not using nail therapy anymore) or what, it doesn't seem to last as long as most of my other Zoyas. I did cut my nails down to short and square though, it could be part of the issue.

The reason I stopped using my Nail Therapy basecoat is because of two reasons:
1) It's harder to apply over than most basecoats. The polish didn't really want to "stick" when I was painting. So it it seemed I was using more coats than normal.
2) I bought Hard as Hoof.

Here's another mani of Essie Absolutely Shore with Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection.

I was able to find Absolutely Shore at Walgreens for $2 on clearance! (Along with another Essie, the name escapes me) I can't resist a $2 Essie, so I grabbed it.

I was kind of worried because it looks a lot more grey in person. I was scared the green tint wouldn't come across when I painted my nails. WRONG, it so did. And it was perfect. This was 3 coats (I blame Nail Therapy) but it applied very well, and is a gorgeous creamy light green, with a hint of grey, color. I love it. And Pure Pearlfection made it about 100x better with a little shimmer!

Hard as Hoof. If you have soft nails, buy this. If your nails crack or break easily, buy this. THIS PRODUCT is AMAZING! I heard about this product from PlasmaSpeedo's Youtube, so I picked it up from Walmart and gave it a shot.

My nails aren't soft, and not strong, but they could totally use a" pick me up". I've been using this for about a week now, and I see results. I FEEL results, it's there. I felt/saw results within THREE DAYS guys!

The great thing about this is that it's cheap. $5 with tax at Walmart. You apply it to your nails 3 times a day. It can even go OVER nail polish or on bare nails! I've done it over nail polish and it doesn't affect the polish at all, it just does it's job. You just rub it in to your nail bed, cuticles, and tips until absorbed and it works like magic over time.

I highhhhhllllyyy recommend this product! You can find it in the nail tool section of most Walmarts for about $4.89ish. You can also find it online, here!

That's all I have today! Hopefully I can get the rest of the CG swatches up... before I buy more! HAHA

Until next time,

PS: My Zoya True Collection is FINALLY!!!! in the mail to me! I look forward to swatching those for you, particularly with Finger Paint's flakie polishes (Since most are swatching the Fleck Effect collection, I'm going for the FP collection that a lot of people seem to like more.) Can't wait! :]


  1. So glad to hear you are trying our HARD AS HOOF product!! Its our top seller and we love to hear people are ranting and raving about how well it works!!!

    Please like our Facebook page!! we have a ton of new products coming out this year and have already started working on a new make up and nail line for next year!!!

    OnyxBrands- Hoof

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :] Liked the page, offff course!


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