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Pin It Alrighty, So I went a little crazy ordering from I did get 2 Color Club polishes (Mol-ten and Wish Upon a Rockstar), but mostly all were China Glaze haha. Here's what I got:

L to R: It's Alive, Street Chic (I ordered Below Deck?), First Mate,
Traffic Jam, Four Leaf Clover, Doll House and Life Preserver

I'm only going to review 4 of them on this post, and I'll post the other 3 later this weekend! Please bare with me on the pictures. I usually use my iPhone 4, but I found my point and shoot in some of the boxes we haven't unpacked. They both have issues picking up particular colors. Ughhhh!

First up, It's Alive from the 2011 Haunting Collection: 2 Coats

I saw this swatch when it came out a few months ago and fell in love with it! I'm loving the olive green medium and small glitters! This is perfect to wear whenever, or layer it over black and it's the perfect haunting Halloween color (or well any other time bahaha, but it sure does change over black!):

I also found this a lot easier to remove than most glitter polishes.

Next up, Street Chic from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection: 2 Coats

Gorgeous, chocolate brown creme polish. Two thin coats did well for full coverage! This wasn't what I ordered. I was a little confused when I got it since I have Milani's Teddy-Bare which is SLIGHTLY similar but SC is darker and more rich, less gray. I don't mind SC at all! I just wish I had Below Deck instead haha.

Here is the comparison between China Glaze Street Chic and Milani's Teddy-Bare, to show... and to ease my mind a little haha. The difference is a lot more evident when they're next to each other, in the bottle they look a lot a like:

As you can see, Teddy-Bare is more gray and Street Chic is a lot more rich and chocolatey. I like them both equally, might do a brownish gradient some time soon maybe.

Third, First Mate Spring 2011 Anchors Away Collection: 2 Coats


IN LOVE. This is what I was looking for when I purchased Milani's Midnight Satin (which is more black). This is a gorgeous navy creme polish. Again, 2 coats did the trick! Such a smooth, beautiful navy blue! This is a must have!

And for the record, it's Anchors Aweigh ;] not Away, lettin' the Navy wife in me come out a little haha.

Lastly for today, Traffic Jam again, the Fall 2011 Metro Collection - Uptown: 2 Coats

I would consider this a raspberry, magenta, creme I think. It is a beautiful color for sure! A great go-to pink. It is verrrryyy similar to Revlon's Plummy, which is SLIGHTLY darker than Traffic Jam. Two thin coats, like the other cremes I posted today. Just a beautiful color!

And I leave you with 2 nail arts. A black french matte mani, which a friend requested on Instagram (@LACERZ if you want to follow/stalk) and the mani I finished with after swatching these CGs haha.

Sinful's Black on Black and Hard Candy's Matte-ly in Love. I only left it on for a day, I'm not a big fan of black nails on me haha. I DO love this matte polish though. I've tried both Essie and ELF's mattes. ELFs is horrid, to be honest. So streaky and rarely went matte in the 3 bottles I had! Essie's wasn't bad but I had issues with it un-matte-ing when I used my hand lotion. 

Zoya Marina, which I added last minute to their get 2 free polishes/free ship $25+ promo. I LOVE it. Beautiful dusty, metallic blue. I added a quick konad stamp using Black on Black by Sinful so it wasn't so boring for a few days haha.

I leave you with this long post haha
Until next time,

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