Saturday, February 18, 2012

SINFUL COLORS 2012 Spring Collection: Cast Away

Pin It Ok, so on the hunt for polishes for some friends I noticed a Sinful Colors display that wasn't there when I stopped by on Sunday. It's a new collection of theirs called Cast Away. Offff course I had to snap a picture and grab a few.

I grabbed Grecian Sun, a beautiful blue that's not too light and not too dark... Kinda like a cornflower blue. Be Happy, a lot like China Glaze For Audrey, a Tiffany blue color. Olympia, a pistachio green (big color for spring!), very similar to Essie Navigate Her. I'm actually a pretty big fan of the Cast Away collection, blues and greens are my polish loves!

I swatched a few. Along with the Sinful Colors Cinderella I grabbed (NOT part of this collection) its a light blue with pretty pink glass fleck shimmer!

From left to right above, SC Be Happy and CG For Audrey, SC Cinderella, SC Grecian Sun, Essie Navigate Her and SC Olympia.

SC Be Happy, CG For Audrey, SC Olympia, Essie Navigate Her

Ok, now I initially thought Be Happy would be a dupe of For Audrey. They also had 2 darker shades close to For Audrey, the middle shade available might be a lot closer (2 colors away from Olympia on the display). Be Happy is a tad bit lighter than For Audrey. I think I'm a bigger fan of Be Happy. I thought that Be Happy is close to Sinful Colors Mint Apple, but this doesn't have the shimmer Mint Apple has and Mint Apple seems to be a little darker.

SC Cinderella is really pretty! I'm glad I grabbed it! It'll take about 3-4 coats for full coverage but I think it's worth it! The pink glass fleck shimmer it has is awesome! It reminds me of a flip flopped version of Nicole OPI Kim-Pletely in Love (Kardashian Kolor), which is pink with blue glass fleck!

SC Grecian Sun, just a great cream, cornflowerish blue. It's not light, and not dark. Haha I don't know how to describe it! My swatch was only one coat and it seemed like it would be a one coater on the nail. I just am in love with this blue!

Ok, now Essie Navigate her and SC Olympia. Again thought they'd be dupes. Navigate Her seems to have more yellow than Olympia, which seems to be more of a true light green color, lesser on the yellow side.

Overall if you're looking for dupes of Navigate Her or For Audrey, these are pretty close. But if you're on a budget then these can work for the same effect :) like I said before, Sinful Colors did have 2 more bottles similar to For Audrey, one looks a lot closer (more medium than light) than Be Happy and the other was a shade darker than the medium.

I didn't see any swatches for the collection online yet, besides a Nouveau Cheap post from yesterday, so I kinda feel special that I have (somewhat) swatches up ;]

I also got my Zoyas in from the BOGO Valentine's promo! EXCITEDDDD!
Red: Jade, Blue: Charla

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