Friday, February 17, 2012

JULEP: Elizabeth, CHINA GLAZE: Skyscraper & How I Shape My Nails

Pin It Changed up my polish today (no surprise) and my nail shape!

I like my nails square when they're short and round when they're longer. And trying to reshape your nails is NOOOOO fun at all! Here's a quick tip, this is how I round out my nails evenly: I use paper reinforcements! It's also a lot easier for me to shape my nails when I have polish on, so this is usually the step before I remove my polish :]

I would of taken a better picture but I didn't think about sharing my tip until after I shaped them. Ooops! But seriously, if you are ever in need of reshaping you're nails try my method! It works like a charm for me :] Plus you can use the stickers for different types of nail art, like half-moon manis!

I super excited! I ordered the 2nd Bundle Monster stamping plate set on Amazon yesterday morning. I can't wait to get stamping with them!

I had different color nails for about 2 days now, I was swatching and didn't feel like taking colors off haha. I haven't given my Juleps much attention, mostly because 2-3 polishes from them each month on top of the others is a lot!

So, enough rambling! I did 3 coats of Julep Elizabeth (February Julep Maven, It Girl) . Elizabeth is a verrrryyy dark blue, very close to black, with slight shimmer. I actually really like this color (I'm usually not a fan of almost black or black polishes). It's hard to catch the true color with my camera :-/

(it looks WAYYYY too black here :[)

After I was going to do only a statement nail of China Glaze Skyscraper (From Fall 2011 Metro Collection) but, it was So gorgeous I had to do a full mani! Skyscraper is a blue/purple and silver glitter polish suspended in a navy-ish blue base. With the 1st coat the blue glitter didn't how through, it only looked like silver. Once I added the 2nd coat, I fell IN LOVE. It's such a gorgeous glitter polish!! Pictures cannnnnooooootttt do this polish justice!

AHHH I love it haha. I still need to grab CG in the City on my next haul from TransDesign. I have a few other hauls for you guys coming up :] the new Wet n Wild collection (with the wider brush) and the Spring 2012 Sinful Colors Collection (WHICH I AM IN LOVE WITH)

I also got a charger for my beloved MacBook!!! And fixed a trackpad response problem I was having since I charged it up in 3 weeks. BOOO! But YAYY because that means I have my CG haul on here now :D

Until next time,

PS: If you had a choice for a giveaway... would you like tools or polish? or both? ;]

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