Monday, February 27, 2012

Bundle Monster Set #2 Review & REVLON: Midnight, MAC COSMETICS: Immortal Gold

Pin It Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA for a few days, my NEW MacBook charger crapped out on me and I started P90x, so I've been so tired! But Husband is gone for the weekend on Navy duties so, I get his laptop all to me! :D

ON an AWESOME note! I have 7 followers! Awwww so sweet <3 That made me smile! As lame as it seems, it has been my dream for like 5 years to make a nail blog, and 7 followers makes me feel like gold! :] Still planning a giveaway, I gotta find a few other things for it ;] Planning it to be a "Spring Break" giveaway!

Annnnyyyyyyhowww! I FINALLY got a Bundle Monster set! :O

I grabbed the 2nd Bundle Monster set on Amazon for $22 for 25 plates. They also have a first set, $18 for 21 plates. I got the 2nd one because I've seen better reviews on them than the first set anndddd you just get more haha! However, I DID speak to someone on Instagram who purchased the 1st set last week and said they work PERFECTLY! Hmm, might grab those soon ;]

I played around with a good chunk of the designs. I painted, scraped and stamped for about an hour and a half. I didn't use all the designs, almost one from every plate to check to see how well they were engraved and if they were even. I didn't have a single problem with ANY of the plates. Everything came out wonderfully! For Konad stamping or any stamping at all,  I never use Konad Special Polishes. I always use regular nail polish and I never have a problem using them, so just letting you know these plates are fine with regular polish. When I do stamp, I'm a big fan of Sinful Colors black and white polishes, they're cheap and they get the job done right!

SOOO I got down to business!

Here are a few of the stamps I tried out. Please excuse the crazy combos! I was messing around with some of the polishes I haven't tried yet haha (note large bowl of polishes)

Everything came out great! I threw on a coat of Seche Vite and wore it for a day because I wasn't in the mood to change polish. I bet my apartment office thought I was a nut! Here is the mani I ended up with 2 days later on:
Zoya: Rica, Sinful Colors: Black on Black, BM #208

Overall: I have ZERO complaints about bundle monster and the quality of their stamping plates. I tried about 85% of all the plates and everything came out awesome. If you're someone looking to try stamping, or you already do some stamping, I suggest you try Bundle Monster. After using these plates, I'm never buying a Konad plate. (Never say never.) The quality of these seems to be VERY close to Konad's plates. I usually can only find a Konad plate for about $4-5, if not more. You get SOOOO many Bundle Monster plates for what you would pay for a few Konad plates. If you're hesitant, try it!

So, 2 days later I got sick of my manicure... mostly because I suck so bad at stamping my thumbs haha. I decided to do a half moon mani. I let my husband help me choose the color of the half moon.

MAC: Immortal Gold, Revlon Colorstay: Midnight

I LOOOOOVE this manicure so much! Especially the Revlon Colorstay Midnight. It's a beautiful inky navy blue. SOOOO gorgeous! I grabbed it at CVS with 2 coupons I had, so instead of $8ish it was only about $4ish. Let me just say, ONE FREAKING COAT!!! ;] 

Before this mani I haven't used the Mac Immortal Gold too much, just for accents and stamping. My sister got it for me for Christmas. I love it! It's SO SO SO pretty! The only downside I thought was the drying time, so I finished it off with Seche Vite before I applied the blue (also so it wouldn't smear when I added a top coat to the whole thing).

I'm off to do some housework and do my P90x stretching (rest day today! WOOT!)

Talk to you guys later!
Until next time,

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