Friday, August 31, 2012

Floral Nail Art

Pin It Hmmm it's been awhile since I did some nail art from "the list"! Now that we're semi settled into our new apartment and my nail stuff is unpacked, I can finally get down to business!

If you're new to my blog (*waves*!) and aren't familiar with "the list", pretty much - in a previous giveaway I asked for nail art suggestions. Welp, those suggestions ended up forming "the list", where I am going top to bottom doing them all :]

Floral Nail Art

So here's the next "the list" mani suggestion, floral!

I didn't want to do some floral that I've done before. This manicure is loosely based on this manicure (which I've seen and I'm sure most of you have seen a mazillion times):

No clue who did that manicure or where it came from. I'm not even sure that it was painted? It might be! Not trying to be rude haha, they just look like stickers to me! So here is my manicure inspired by the above mani:

Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

Floral Nail Art

I'm not too thrilled with how it came out, I do realize that my flowers are a little bigger than the ones in the inspiration picture... haha but I'll take it! This is what I felt happened:
Pointer: Oh this is going to be cute, my flowers are a little big but that's okay!
Middle: Still going good, at least my placement is varied!
Ring: Okay, my back hurts, my back hurts.
Pinky: HAHA, FLOWERZ. No size variation, I was over it haha

If you're interested in the colors I used:
Black-ish - I tried to make a dark brown-black. I mixed OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys and a basic black creme, lol it just looks black sadly.
Light Blue - Revlon Blue Lagoon
Darker Blue - Barielle Swizzle Stick
Light Pink - Revlon Peach Petal
Darker Pink - Zoya Regan
Light Green - Zoya Tracie
Darker Green - OPI Don't Mess With OPI

If you're interested in my technique, basically everything was done with a dotting tool and created by a dot placed upon another dot and swirled to create a watercolor/marbling-like effect :]

Hope you enjoyed this manicure more than I did, haha!



  1. Your flowers look great! Very vintage. :)

  2. That photo does indeed look like stickers. It reminds me a lot of some nail apps I picked up in Sephora in Rome last year. I will try to dig them out and have a look for you, if my memory is correct they were called Cherry Blossom?!? great job recreating the look btw <3 it!


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