Friday, April 5, 2013

[CLOSED] PUZZLED & POLISHED: Nail Polish Jewelry Review (PLUS GIVEAWAY 4/5-19/13)

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If you haven't heard, which I'm assuming most people have, April is Autism Awareness Month. So, today I have a little something special to show you :]

Puzzled & Polished is a husband and wife team raising money for their autistic son, Cristian, and Autism Speaks. To raise money for Cristian's Cruisers (their team for the Milwaukee Walk Now for Autism Speaks event), they have put together their love of nail polish, crafting, social media and design. Puzzled & Polished offers a variety of jewelry items, hair pins, magnets, push pin sets and ornaments created from nail polish. I was given the honor to review a pair of earrings that Cristian's mom made for me!

After the jump, I have more pictures of the earrings, ordering/contact information and a small giveaway :]

Mandy offered to me to review a piece of their nail polish jewelry. I was all excited because I don't have anything jewelry wise made of polish! She offered to make me a customized piece or select one from their Facebook album! I saw a pair of magnets that I was in love with and asked if they could be made with the lever back earrings (I am OBSESSED with lever back earrings btw haha).

Here's the final result of what was made for me!

Earrings made by Puzzled & Polished
Earrings made by Puzzled & Polished
Earrings made by Puzzled & Polished

HOW CUTE ARE THEY!? I just love them so much :] I couldn't wait to rip my other earrings off and put them on. I really loved the look of the polish used and how it was layered. I have no complaints about these earrings. I really do love them!

Their items are pretty decently priced. Each item is $4 or 3 items for $10. If you're interested in purchasing items from Puzzled and Polished, you can view what they have for sale on their Facebook page! If you're looking for something specific, I'm sure they'd be willing to help you find what you're looking for :]

If you're interested in supporting Cristian's Cruisers, you can find the donation page, here.

And for the giveaway!

Puzzled & Polish was kind enough to send me a pair of hair pins for YOU to win! All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below. But before you enter, here are the rules:
  • Giveaway runs from 4/5/13 - 4/19/13 at 11:59 PM EST
  • This prize was donated by Puzzled & Polished, hosted by Lace & Lacquers.
  • Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents who are 18+ only (or with parents' permission).
  • Prize must be claimed within 48 hours. I will send the winners an email with a date and time when a response is due by. If I do not receive a reply, your prize is automatically forfeited.
  • Play fair, NO cheating! I will catch you. If you cheat, you will be banned and blacklisted from all giveaways hosted by Lace & Lacquers.
  • I am NOT responsible for damaged, or stolen mail. I will provide a tracking number but once the package is out of my hands, I have no control.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

These items were sent for review/giveaway. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews. 


  1. Autism is a social disorder and not a mental disorder, which people usually think. They have trouble communicating and expressing their thoughts, but are often geniuses in other areas. Thanks for this giveaway <3

  2. I learned that the disorders are diagnosed, persay, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Thanks for the chance! <3

  3. Autism is such and interesting disorder, they can have problems communicating and having social interaction but there is no one with the same case of autism, they are all different.

  4. I actually already knew a lot about autism, so I haven't got anything to share. I donated to them about a year ago for a friend's birthday because she worked with autistic children and cared greatly about the cause, and I'll probably do so again this year.

  5. thank you Lacey...just read everything..hold you head up high and remember there are all kinds in this world...I just want to thankyou for supporting your partner who is keeping us safe and sound.

  6. I have a child with autism and I am pretty familiar with that website. For the most part they republish or summarize articles related to autism. But, I learned that this is the second Light it Up Blue. I never heard about it last year, so clearly its growing awareness!

  7. I learned that autism is more prevalent in males than females.

  8. I learned that a diet rich in folic acid before and after conception can reduce the risk of autism. Thank you for the giveaway, you are my favorite. Please don't let people get you down, you rock!

  9. my son has autism and i LOVE autism speaks website!

  10. Something I've learned about autism recently is that it affects every child differently. My niece has PDD which is a very high functioning form of the autism spectrum.

  11. I didn't really know much about this Autism Awareness campaign. It's really great to see the support that it's generating worldwide :)

  12. I didn't really know much about autism until now, I didn't know it could cause communication problems and also social problems.


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