Saturday, April 20, 2013

YOU POLISH: May Subscription Box Review (Neither Here, Nor There, & Like Totally)

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You Polish May Subsciption Box polishes

Happy Saturday afternoon! Can you beleive this month is already almost over? Well, if you can't, let me show you the polishes in You Polish's May subscription box! After the jump, swatch and review for youuuu.

Quick shot in the bottles:

And onto the swatchessss!

You Polish Neither Here
You Polish Neither Here
You Polish Neither Here

Neither Here is a aqua blue shimmery base with various sizes of white and black hex, white, black and pink hex, plus some white and black bar glitters. Super fun polish! I like how this is a twist on your typical black and white glitter topper. It also creates somewhat of a jelly sandwich effect.

I did 2 coats of Neither Here, no undies, plus top coat. Application of Neither Here was great and dry time was also great. No complaints from me today.

You Polish Nor There

You Polish Nor There
You Polish Nor There

Nor There is pretty similar to Neither Here (if that wasn't confusing haha), just reversed colors. Nor There is a hot pink shimmery base with different sizes of white and black hex and squares,  turquoise squares, and black and white bar glitter. Again, another fun twist on your typical black and white glitter polish. I love how in both Neither Here and Nor There have contrasting glitter that really pops!

I did 2 coats of Nor There, no undies, plus top coat. Application was great again, and so was dry time. I didn't have any issues with this polish either.

You Polish Like Totally
You Polish Like Totally
You Polish Like Totally

Like Totally is a white-ish (it isn't a true white, leans a little more cream colored) based polish with neon medium hex and neon small hex with some crazy bits of hot pink neon glitter throughout. When Lauren showed me this polish it really reminded me of a splatter nail art design, without the mess :P While I don't fancy white based polishes as much as other people do, I think others will enjoy this polish.  I've seen a handful of white based with neon glitter polishes and this one has a different look to it, I think.

I did 2 coats of Like Totally, no underwear, plus top coat. If you want it to look more white, I suggest layering over a white polish. Lauren does an awesome job on white based polishes, by the way. Every time I review one for her I tell her how great they are. It seems that white based polishes are a hit or miss, y'know? She does an awesome job, real talk. Great and smooth application and a great dry time. No complaints again! :]

Looking to purchase a subscription box from You Polish? Here is more information and pictures of May's box's content. TONIGHT at 7PM EST is when her boxes go on sale for May. There are 10 boxes of Neither Here and Like Totally, and 10 boxes of Nor There and Like Totally, for a total of 20 boxes overall. The extra in this month's box is a DIY cabochon necklace.

Just a note, if you're interested in these polishes separately (per the You Polish Facebook): "both 'Neither here' and 'Nor There' will be recreated and sold as core at a later date, however, 'Like Totally' is made for these boxes only".

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Price: Subscription Box $16.99/mo
Where to Find: Etsy
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